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My target 310000 Steps

I'm Stepping Up To Breast Cancer to help create a world without this horrid disease.

This August, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is challenging all Australians to come together to Step Up to Breast Cancer.

I'll be stepping up to the challenge to complete 10,000 steps every day throughout the month and raise money for vital breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. This year 20,825 Australians will be diagnosed. That is why I have stepped up to the challenge to help fund the future of research and change these stats.

Please donate to my page and you’ll be helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation take one step closer to reaching their goal of Zero Deaths From Breast Cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to Step Up to Breast Cancer with me! I would love for you to donate to my page & get my donations over the amazing amount that I raised last year or join me in my #KTLFs team. Together we can do amazing things.

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My Updates

Day 31

Tuesday 31st Aug
Woohoo!! 2021 Complete?

Day 24

Tuesday 24th Aug
Wild weather day!!! Walking in the rain & wind. The bulk of my steps came from walking up & down the hallway & around the house.

Day 23

Monday 23rd Aug

Day 23

Monday 23rd Aug
Only a week to go!!! It’s been challenging getting the steps done whilst working from home. I am so very lucky to live near the Lake & the beach. So happy to be able to walk with magnificent views surrounding me. Grateful everyday to keep stepping to raise funds for our awesome Aussie researchers!!!

Day 11 - Post vaccination day

Wednesday 11th Aug
Well that was tough to get to 10,113 steps today. I feel like Thursdays after chemo Tuesday!!! Pretty worn out with side effects, but with each step - I was going - spike away little vaccine!!

Day 7

Saturday 7th Aug
Wow!!! Over $1000 again?Thanking my wonderful sponsors?and those of team #KTLFs!!! You guys are awesome. I’m so very grateful for the health that I have to go on my walks, to enjoy every day, to have the chance to chat with special friends & family & to be here to love every moment of this wonderful life??

Day 6 - Day 1 Lockdown

Friday 6th Aug
A glorious day to get in some exercise. Sunshine, Lake views, garden, baking - just grateful that life is good!! 

Walking buddy Day 2

Monday 2nd Aug

Day 1

Sunday 1st Aug
A magnificent day to begin the 2021 Challenge. A 10km walk has got my steps up already. I found a beautiful walking track that I haven’t used in years & it has been extended heaps since I last walked there. Lots of steps to climb - hmmmm I may not be able to walk far tomorrow!!! But 10000 I will do!!!

One week to go

Sunday 25th Jul
One week to go until the #KTLFs team starts the #StepUpToBreastCancer challenge. 10,000 steps a day is the goal & $5000 is the fundraising goal. Every donation is a wonderful step towards eradicating breast cancer. 

Not long now?

Thursday 22nd Jul
10 days to go until the #StepUpToBreastCancer Challenge begins!! It’s not too late to join my #KTLFs team?Feel free to share my donation page, so that together, we can help our amazing researchers #KTLFs for everyone?

The Beginning

Friday 2nd Jul
Today I registered to be a Super Stepper for a wonderful cause. I will post updates each day in August with my step number. It’s great to reach 10,000 steps each day - some days it was a challenge - but each day we get to LIVE is worth every step!!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Karen Van Wyck

Well done Judy🥰.... hopefully with continued research one day the world will be Breast Cancer free 🎗From one survivor to another 😘😘😘



Go Judy!!!


Kim Burton



Kirsty Bernasconi


Leonie Bradley

You’re a super trouper Judy J 😘. Your Lab Buddy


Sharon Hamilton

Awesome work Jude well done 💃❤️



Judy, you are absolutely amazing and inspirational


Cathy Marston


Claudia Stockenhuber

You go, girl!!


Peggy Robinson

Fantastic effort Judy.


Gay Mcdonell

Go girl!!!


Rhonda Banister Bobako

Journeying with you in spirit … not in steps!


Carmela Pollock

You go girl 💃. Love you to bits 💜


Mal, Mitch, Alex



Petrol dollars 👍👍


Margaret Walker

Well done Judy, and so sorry to hear your sad news. I had been meaning to donate, so thanks for the reminder. Margie W


Louise Outram


Carolyn Urquhart

You are just so wonderful xxx


Julie Hoey

Fantastic effort, Judy. xx


Narelle Hennessy

My lil’ sis, lil’ champion 💕💋


Vina Gibson

Great work, Judy, may even step with you!


Cassandra Mowbray


Karen Scanlen

Happy to donate You are an inspiration Xx


Alex Lojszczyk


Deb Docherty


Monique Williams

You're on fire Judy, sorry not for contributing earlier to your cause. Well done - Go Girl!



Well done Mum stay strong



you're awesome


Dan And Nean Xx

Go Jude! You are an inspiration to all 💕💕💕


Sharon Clout

Go you - my beautiful friend xx


Cecelia Millen

Go Judy! You continue to inspire us. David and Celx


Linda Hextell

Thanks for your great work Judy for such a good cause xo 💕



You are a great “super stepper” Judy J


Justin Mahoney


Lisa Ashford

You continue to inspire us 💕


Rachelle Avery

Go Jude.


Pru Docherty

Love your work, Aunty Jude xx


Pat Henry


Pip Dunn

Go Judy!


Judy Johnson


Karen Holahan

Great steps Judy x


Cathy Rae


Jo Nicol

You will rock this Jude!


Renee Tyczynski

Well done Judy!


Erin Sweetman

Well done Judy! Very happy to help support your amazing work and cause!


Ashley Phillips

Well done ladies :-)


Julie Charters

Super effort Jude! ❤️


Chris Dempsey


Helen Bell

Good on you Jude 🌈


Corrina Marie Oszko

GO Girls!!


Kristine Owen


Leah Hammond


Maryanne Walmsley

Good luck Judy!


Joanne Cooper

You go girl!!!


Bernadette Gleeson



Meredith Heyden

Good on you Jude!


Alex Johnson