This is what we are up against

This year more than 3,200 people in Australia will lose their life to breast cancer. By stepping up and raising money for vital breast cancer research, the funds you raise will help us end deaths from breast cancer.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia's leading not-for-profit national body funding game-changing breast cancer research.

This year, we are funding world-class research projects which could save more lives through investigating why young women get breast cancer, reseraching new personalised treatments for hard to treat breast cancers, and understanding how to prevent metastatic breast cancer.

Every dollar raised moves us closer to Zero Deaths

Every year breast cancer researchers from around Australia apply for NBCF Funding - they Step Up to the challenge of helping us reach our goal of Zero Deaths from breast cancer, and though our open grant scheme, NBCF funds the finest breast cancer research across the nation. The more we raise the more ground-breaking breast cancer research we can fund to help save lives. 

Ongoing research is the only way we can improve our understanding of how breast cancer originates, grows and spreads, how we best treat and stop breast cancer from progressing to end deaths from breast cancer. 

Click below to meet some of our NBCF-funded researchers who have stepped up to the challenge to help us reach our goal of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.