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I'm Stepping Up To Breast Cancer

This August, I have joined the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to Step Up to Breast Cancer. I have stepped up to the challenge of completing 10,000 steps every day throughout the month to raise money for vital breast cancer research.

As a breast cancer survivor, I want to share this gift of second chance, of more years to spend with my loved ones particularly with our 2 young girls, continuously partner with my husband to raise our family and also to contribute to the wonderful aim of National Breast Cancer Foundation to reach the goal of ZERO DEATHS from breast cancer through research to understand how this disease originates, grows and spreads in order to develop tests, treatments and interventions to improve outcomes for people with the disease.

 Please support me through the following:

1. Please visit my page and donate; and or

2. Pray for me and send me message of encouragement; and or

3. Complete 10,000 steps with me - Its a crazy busy month for accountants like me but you have to remember to look after yourself too. It is too easy to forget to stop and rest when we are under pressure to finish something for work but health suffers in the long run. 10,000 steps a day is enough to reduce your risk for serious diseases and help you live longer and healthier life.

Every donation, big or small will create an impact to change the future of breast cancer. For the future of our kids. My company Financial Reporting Specialists will generously match the donation raised dollar for dollar. So please walk with us in this challenge and let’s leave behind beautiful footprints for the future to enjoy.

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It’s a wrap

Friday 2nd Sep
Thank you everyone for the support, donation, message of cheer and for stepping up with me.

I have raised more than the $8,000 target - overwhelming because I initially just set it up to $500.

Thank you to FRS for stepping up with me and doubling the amount I have raised.

Thank you to my husband and kids for helping me complete my 10K daily steps.

It is an such an amazing last day of step up challenge on 31 August to wrap my walking by being a parent helper during the year 1 excursion, an excellent reminder that I made a contribution for the future of these kids. 

In NBCF’s Step Up to Breast Cancer 2022, there were 3700 people across Australia who stepped up this year, who together have raised an incredible $690,000 so far! WOW! Those funds will contribute to a greater understanding of the risk factors for developing breast cancer that will be key to preventing, and ultimately eradicating breast cancer. 

Day 20

Sunday 21st Aug
Last week/weekend was a crap week/weekend as I got sick my coughing was so bad and headache was terrible. The fatigue of walking and the busy work load kicked in so I was down resting for the weekend. My husband who is always my partner, my biggest supporter and the one who is always there to make up for the things that I can’t do stepped in to do the walking for me. And the girls who are our biggest inspiration stepped in to help bump up the steps as well. We always fight to get better and thank God for the blessing and grace to do this. So this week I am back on my foot and so thankful that I have all the support and love I need to keep going. and thats all that matters. So please continue to step up with me. Please support me in this challenge. Every donation is doubled by FRS and so double the contribution to help NBCF achieve the goal of Zero deaths for breast cancer. Thank you.

Day 6

Sunday 7th Aug
Its a beautiful day for a beachside walk with the family to bump up my steps for @nbcfaus Step Up To Breast Cancer challenge. Thank you for the overwhelming support - its just day 6 and i have raised my goal 4 times - starting from $500, then $2K, to $4K and then $5K - together we can make a difference for the future of breast cancer, for the future of our kids. I am humbled and honoured to be part of the amazing aim of NBCF’s aim for Zero deaths from breast cancer. Please continue to walk with us and leave beautiful footprints.

First day of stepping up

Tuesday 2nd Aug
Look who helped me bumped up my steps on the first day, our girls after I picked them up from school - this brought a very good luck on the first day of the challenge. Only first day and I already received overwhelming support - messages of encouragement and my $2K target has been reached. I am so grateful to all families, friends and colleagues who donated all of these are appreciated, thank you from the bottom of my heart you may not know how it really can impact the breast cancer sufferers and how much this can change the future but it will really create a big impact. My particular thank you to my FRS team and mentor Vik Bhandari who always helps and supports me to achieve my goals both professionally and personally- thank you for helping me smash my $2K target.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Financial Reporting Specialists Pty Ltd

All the best Arlene on your fundraising and using this second chance to make a difference


Financial Reporting Specialists Pty Ltd

FRS matching amount


Financial Reporting Specialists Pty Ltd

Matching fund


Srinath Seshadri

Good luck Arlene!!!




Jb @ Aimedia


Dani And Ethan


Dave Lee

Dear Arlene, I'm very glad that you've recovered and all healthy now. I still remember few years ago I had to take my wife to do a scan and luckily it wasn't anything serious. Thank you very much for your support as always and good luck with the fundraising! Dave


Scott Whiddett

Good on you Arlene. Great cause. Enjoy


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Fantastic work Arlene! Last day today so maybe a nice massage tomorrow would be a good way to reward yourself!


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God bless!!


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Hi Arlene, Happy to support you in this noble cause. Thanks and Regards, Praveen




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Sindy Shou

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. All the best!


Rob Trowler

Fantastic stuff Arlene!




Christine Condos

Congratulations Arlene on giving back. I have had my own journey with breast cancer 10 years ago, and I admire your spirit!


Arlene Lagunero


Bhawana Shrestha

Proud of you Arlene 👏 Wishing you health, utter joy & inner peace. Keep on inspiring ❤️


Maribel Noronha

Well done Arlene!! You are a true role model :)


Veronique Faron

Good luck Arlene. Keep kicking these goals :-)


Megan Bryant

Congratulations Arlene on contributing to such a wonderful cause and for how far you have in your own journey. Your family and particularly your girls would be so proud of you. I hope it’s not too late to donate


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Good luck Arlene!


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Go go go Arlene!


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Keep stepping up for this worthy cause! It's an inspiring! You got this 😊


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congratulations on your efforts!


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Good Luck Arlene! OC Ai- Media


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We are rooting for you Arlene!! Keep it up ❤❤❤



So proud of you big sis! Good luck! 👏🏼🤗


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So proud and happy for you,for who you are and what you did!Love you!💖🙏





Hi Arlene! You are an inspiration! God loves you!!



All the BEST


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Hey Arlene, Hope you're well. I just wanted to say that this is an amazing cause and you have a way to go!



Silently prayed for you and will still pray for you. Go go lang! God bless Arlene. :)


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Well Done Arlene!



Very good cause! Good luck Arlene 😊


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I admire your strength and courage to face life's challenges. Wish you all the best in completing this goal.