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I'm Stepping Up To Breast Cancer again this 2023

In January 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have to undergo lumpectomy, a 20-week chemotherapy and finally I decided to undergo the risk reduction bilateral mastectomy in September 2019. I am very lucky it was detected early so the cancer cells were cleared by the treatment. And so this time my heart is screaming to give back and share this gift of second chance to contribute to the wonderful aim of NBCF of achieving Zero Deaths from breast cancer. So this August 2023, I have joined, again for my 2nd year of Step Up, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to Step Up to Breast Cancer. I have taken the challenge to complete 10,000 steps every day throughout the month to raise money for vital breast cancer research. 

As a breast cancer survivor, I want to give back in ways that I can, to help fund research to reach Zero Deaths from breast cancer. This can benefit our kids (not to lose their own lives or wives lives), their future families (not to suffer from the lost), future grandkids (not to lose their mums from breast cancer) if the goal to achieve Zero Deaths from breast can be achieved. But I need your help to contribute to this wonderful cause.

In 2022, I was able to raise $8,432, $4,000 coming from my employer and biggest sponsor, Financial Reporting Specialists, I am hoping that you will all support me again this year. Every donation, big or small, will get me closer to reaching my goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation reach Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

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Rolled onto the finish line

Thursday 31st Aug
Capping the fundraising with a roll with the girls. I don’t know what the future will bring but I am very hopeful that whatever effort we did today will contribute to the aim of Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support you showered for my 2nd year of the step up challenge. I will get in contact with all the generous sponsors and will send individual thanks to all. Special thanks to my biggest sponsor to Vik Bhandari and my FRS team.

Weekend family walk

Saturday 26th Aug
As the sun sets today Saturday 26 August 2023, the family completed a nice walk along the neighbouring park. My health struggle in the past is a blessing in disguise, to shake us to live better, healthier and more meaningful lives. We hope to inspire others to live better and healthier, to focus on the essentials and lasting and to leave behind beautiful and meaningful marks. Thank you again for all those who supported and continuously supporting me in this challenge. Please remember to do a little walk and look after yourselves. Bless you all.

buzzer beater

Monday 14th Aug
The last week was crazy with the busy work schedule I always reach the 10K steps at the last minute to 12 midnight. Thank you so much for all those who supported me to smash my fund raising goal and so please continue to cheer, pray and walk with me. Thanks again and praying for blessings to everyone.

Day 3

Thursday 3rd Aug
Hitting the 10K steps at 6:58 pm today. Did you remember to do a little walk or stretch out today? It is so ironic that 15 min pass by so quickly when you are doing work whilst 15 min is so slow when you are walking. Anyway hope you take a little good care of yourself not just those around you. Thanks again to all those who supported me and continuously cheering me up.

My Financial Reporting Specialist ('FRS') Team

Wednesday 2nd Aug
Just Day 2 and I smashed my goal all because of the amazing and inspiring FRS team led by Vik Bhandari. Just in June 2023 the MHA ball raised $120K and now supporting the NBCF and stepping up with me to achieve Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer. $5K from FRS will go a long way plus the generous individual donations from my other team members- Sarah, Srinath, Rob, Anna, Veronique, Mustafa, Maribel, Sunil, Aileen and insert Robin and Leo. What a wonderful team culture to be part with.

Day 1 of Stepping Up with the girls

Tuesday 1st Aug
A strong start on day 1 of the step up challenge as the girls joined me. Keeps me motivated to continue doing this fundraising as this is for their future - Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Vik Bhandari

All the best Arlene from the team at Financial Reporting Specialists


Srinath Seshadri

Well done Arlene, 1 week to go.


Dani & Ethan


Dave Lee

Hey Arlene, thank you very much for all the support that you have provided to me. I'm so glad you're doing this again and hope you can double your target this year! GL on your fundrasing


Sarah Cox

Inspirational! Well done Arlene. Mwa x x x




Robin Bramley


Andrew Phillips

Well done, Arlene. Keep up those steps!






Ken L.

Keep the steps going for breast cancer research. Bless your good soul Arlene.


Nica Baldedara

My dear big sis I am so proud of you for doing this. May you continue to inspire people and help us reach zero deaths from breast cancer. You are such a blessing. Xx


Shaw Downie


Dilkushi Jeniffer De Sayrah

Hi Arlene, I hope this helps in a small way towards achieving your goal. I am inspired by your efforts to help others who have encountered breast cancer. I have recently come across many women facing this health challenge and wish that they will recover from this and live happy and healthy lives.


Arlene Lagunero


Maribel Noronha

Well done, Arlene, keep it strong!


Rob Mackay

Lovin' the optimism and positive energy. Well done on supporting a great cause.


Anna, Nestor & Erlaena Tindugan



You are really one of a kind! Stay strong and we wish you all the best!



Well done Arlene, you're a legend!


Evelyn Goddard

Wishing you all the best Len!


Himaja Paramatmuni


Vivien Gacho

Go Arlene! We are rooting for you.


Mama Ellen

As your mother, i saw how you fought & continuing to fight this battle! May the good Lord continue to bless you and give you all the courage to fight and reach your goal!


Mustafa Arsiwala


Star Reyes






Well done you!!


Ricalyn Alcantara

Go Arlene!


Daisy Mejia

Well done, Arlene! 👍🏼❤️



All for a good cause, good luck Arlene!


Jacques Price