Team Total

squats 7,189

Team Target
squats 10,602

Well over half way!!!

Amazing work so far....see the stats below!!!

Well over half way to our goal. 

Life definitely gets rushed and tiring, but keep up your momentum and thanks for being part of this challenge!!!

Super Squatters!!

Going great TEAM!!!

Today is day 11...

Have a look at how many squats we have already done as a team!!

Congrats and pat on the back!!

We are a third of the way through the month..hopefully the squats are getting a little easier now...

I'm going to try and do 2000 for the month, which means I need to average 67 per day from here on...anyone want to join me??

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!!

Mario day...

Today is the 10th day....


It's also super hot and a long weekend. Keep up your momentum and be proud of what you've accomplished so far.

Go team??????

And then there were FIVE.....

Yes you heard it right...

The SASSSQUATS FIVE (not to different than the Jackson 5) are now working as a team...

We will get together very soon for a special squat session for sure!!

Keep on squatting....

Day 4 - that's over 200 squats so far!!!

Well done team.  Over 200 squats already!!!

Keep going... the first week is almost done!!

Any ideas for a video montage????  Something incorporating the GEM ideas???

Weekend not weakend

The weekends can be the hardest as we are all busy...but keep up the pace!!

We've got this.

Day 1..... great start

Well done team. 1st day down. Ease into it and stay focussed. 

Well have some fun along the way for sure. 

Thanks for b3ing part of the team ?

Northern Sass Squatters....

57 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer today and a further 9 will lose their life. We want to make a difference to the lives of those 57 Australians impacted by the disease - that is why we are taking on the 57 Squat Challenge to raise vital funds for world-class breast cancer research. But we need your help.

Please support our squat challenge to save lives and make a difference.

Every donation, big or small, will get us closer to reaching our goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation end deaths from breast cancer.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Oliver Spring


Angus Pearce-raisin


Mary Shannon

Such a great cause! Keep up the leg burn!



Keep up the good work. 👍


Nicole Clark


Allan Hughes