“ We want to stop people dying from hard-to-treat breast cancer. With your support we can make even bigger steps forward. Thank you so much for giving so kindly.

– Prof Roger Daly NBCF-funded researcher

Your support will fund urgent research to...


Understand how to prevent breast cancer based on an individuals biology, history and lifestyle. 


Detect breast cancer as early as possible and before it progresses. 


Stop the progression and recurrence of breast cancer.


More effectively treat hard-to-treat and metastatic breast cancers.

The funds you raise are vital for investing in world-class breast cancer research. The more you raise, the closer we get to Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

Could help support researchers to develop new therapies for hard-to-treat breast cancers

Could help support researchers to uncover more targeted and personalised treatments for hard-to-treat breast cancers with fewer side-effects.

Could help support researchers to develop a simple blood test to predict, detect and monitor the return and spread of breast cancer.


When you support the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), you’re supporting world-class research that is selected for its scientific quality and potential to contribute towards NBCFs vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

These projects are funded in meritorious order via NBCF's independent and rigorous peer review system. NBCF has a number of ground-breaking research projects focusing on prevention, detecting, stopping and treating hard-to-treat and metastatic breast cancers.

Here are just a few. With your help, we can fund even more.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading national body funding world-class breast cancer research towards our vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer. 

Since our inception in 1994, NBCF has invested over $200M into more than 600 world-class research projects across Australia.

In this time, death rates from breast cancer in Australia have improved by 43%.

We've seen remarkable results, but the job's not done.

At NBCF, we're determined to create a better tomorrow. We know research matters, and it is central and critical to improving breast cancer outcomes.

That's why we fund the very best breast cancer research in Australia by awarding grants via an open national, competitive and rigorous peer review process.