Choose whether to host your Pink Ribbon Breakfast in person or online. 


No matter where you live, who you are or what you choose to host, to come together. Choose where you plan to host your Pink Ribbon Breakfast event for top fundraising ideas 

Host a breakfast, morning tea, brunch or lunch in the comfort of your own home. Invite your closest friends/family and ask them to donate to attend.

Hold a bring a dish picnic in your local park. Ask guests to bring a dish and donate to attend. Add fun games to your event. This is a great family get together.

Host a larger event for your community. This could be in your local community centre or church hall. Add a raffle/auctions or games to make your event interactive. 

Hold a raffle. This can be at your event or you can choose to hold a raffle online for those who cannot attend. Approach your local businesses for raffle prizes.

Host a Pink Ribbon morning tea or bake sale in your office. Ask everyone to donate to attend or to purchase an item.

Find the best office baker by holding a Pink Ribbon bake-off competition. Ask for a donation to take part.

Used to the outdoors? Host a breakfast, morning tea or BBQ at your worksite. Add raffles and games.

Whatever you decide to do, get the organisation to dollar match your amazing fundraising efforts.

Hold a dress up day and get your school/class to wear Pink or dress up for a gold coin donation.

Hold a breakfast or bake sale in your school. Ask children to bring a dish and ask for a donation.

Get creative. Ask the children to design a teacup and get the parents to buy the artwork. 

Hold a Pink Ribbon themed party in your school. Get everyone together to play party games. 

Hold a breakfast, brunch, or high tea in your venue and sell tickets to your event. Add a raffle or games.

Host a morning tea or bake sale for your staff. Ask everyone to donate to attend or to purchase an item.  

Hold an auction/raffle for your customers. Source top quality prizes (this could even be from your own venue or from your suppliers. 

Fill a jar with items such as coffee beans, let people guess how many they think are in the jar for a donation. A prize is given to the closest guess. 

Get your staff to bake healthy snacks and sell them in your sports club

Bring your staff together and challenge each other by holding a bake off competition.

Hold a fitness class in support of breast cancer awareness month and ask for a donation to attend.

Source top quality prizes. Hold an auction/raffle for your members.

Use zoom to host a breakfast, morning tea, brunch, or lunch. Ask everyone to bring their favourite treat and play some virtual games.

Host an online auction or raffle. Ask local businesses to donate items. Get everyone together online and let the bidding/raffle begin.

Host an online trivia or bingo night via Zoom or Skype . As everyone to donate to attend.

Create an online page and tell everyone why breast cancer research is important to you. Ask them to join you in by making a donation.