Simmo's Big Shave (SBS)

By Simon Eyles

Simmo's Big Shave

Hey there guys!

Welcome to the homepage of Simmo's big shave.

A few of you have heard the rumours and I thought it was time to make this page to make things official!

Originally, this started as a casual bet amongst some work colleagues. Long story short.. I lost the bet. However, I immediately realised that it would be a fantastic opportunity to raise some money for a very worthy cause. This decision was inspired by my strong, brave and amazing Aunty (Thank you for your lovely text by the way).

For those of you who know me, I've had long hair for pretty much half my life. To be completely transparent, Im not even sure what is under there but all I can tell you is enjoy the gingers locks while they last, when we hit the goal, it's coming off!

I will be keeping this open for a month, ending on the 10th of July at 5:30pm. As this idea was born at work, the big shave will be happening at our store meeting and no doubt be televised on facebook live, snapchat, instagram live, periscope, myspace or whatever the kids use these days.

Click 'Donate' to make a secure online donation and help me get over the line. Remember, it all adds up whether the donation is big or small.

Note: All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will be issued with a tax-deductible receipt via email as soon as you make your donation.

Thank you so much for your support. Let's do this!! WOOOOOOOO

Thank you to my Supporters


Chris Leutton


Duncan Loughlin

New look, new home, new man


Tim & Cat

Simboi, we're very proud of you. I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't miss the locks, but it's for a great cause. Maybe Charlie won't be wary of you once you've shaved that lid? xo


Karen Turner

Simon, thank you for supporting a wonderful cause. Also, I look forward to seeing you with a respectable hair cut.



Nice one bro!


Kylie-jayne Power

So proud Simmmeyyy!! ????????


Megan Caddell

Whatta Legend!! Couldn’t be prouder of you! #gonnabeacoldwinterforyouthisyear


Alex Morgan

You little legend Sime ??


Tanya Dendrinos

So proud of you, losing those luscious locks for such a good cause, great work!


Nick Freund



Awesome thing you’re doing Simmo, love always the Crilly’s + Steph


Steve Condylios

Awesome work Sim!


Meng & Monique

Good on ya big fella! This isn't a donation. I'm purchasing some locks of that beautiful hair! :)


Emma Johnson

Well done Sim! So proud!


Michael Johnson

Go Simmo, Go, Cheers Uncle Mick x


Carly Brown

Dont worry, i will keep dying my hair red until yours grows back so ginger will still be in store, and your forehead will be fine! ( just a bit cold)



Simon, maaaaaate... what a great cause and credit to you for not backing away from your promise. Don’t know if I would have been so brave haha Well done mate, see you at conference Pete


Jordan Saunders

Good on ya Carol xx


Pam Slavin

Will miss those beautiful locks Simon but for a great cause. So proud of your commitment. You will need to buy a beanie. Ha! Ha!



Congratulations Simo for supporting such a wonderful cause. Can't wait to see you with the new look. I know how huge this is for you to get rid of that long locks. Great effort in sticking to your promise to your colleagues and picking this wonderful cause to get people to donate to.and also wanting to give the cut off hair to someone who could benefit from it.Can't wait to see the before and after during and after picture.your a true champion


Matt Abbott

Well done Simmo , So proud of your efforts . Always thinking of others . Ripping effort by a great bloke well done


Kevin Theuma



Harry Kamboukos


Amber Wenselowski

Super proud of you sime shaving your head for such a great cause. Let’s see what’s hiding under those locks.#newhairwhodis


Zach & Sophie

Can't wait to see the head shape ??


Melanie Grindlay

So incredibly proud of you raising awareness and much needed funds ❤️


Caleb Parslow

Legendary, love your stuff, Sime.


Eden Holmes

You’re a star Sime!!! Awesome effort xx


Gemma Wallis


Di Eyles

Oh Sim.. am panicking I won't recognise my boy!!! But.. admiring your care for others! xo


Tom Urban

Donation from Tom from moneybox


Lianna Uhrhane

Lianna's donation from rebel moneybox


Simon Eyles


Sarah Moore

Hey mate.....might need to invest in a beanie...... Super proud that you are taking the big shave for such a worthy cause.



Mate, I know how big this is for you to get rid of that mane. Great effort in sticking to your promise to your colleagues. Can't wait to see the before and after pics!


Scott Eyles

Dude this is huge!! You have had your lucious locks forever. Good on ya for supporting a super cause too


Bree Wood

Legend ?


Cleo And Scarlett Eyles

Well done Uncle Sim. So proud of you. Love Cleo and Scarlett


Lynne Rees

Congratulations Simon for supporting such a great cause. Can't wait to see you with short back and sides. ??



Legendary mate! So proud!


Stephen Barun

Simmo you are a legend and an amazing person. Happy to support you and a great cause. Well Done mate and can't wait to see the Scone.


Brent De Vries

Love ya work big man!


Hayden Vanderneut


Paul Baisman

Great effort from a great man to fundraise for a fantastic cause


Rebel Moneybox

Money from customers from moneybox!


Kylie Harris

Great work Simo! Looking forward to seeing the new look!!!


Clea Barwick

Luv ya work Sime can’t wait to see the before after and during. Your literally going to be a new man. Very brave of u!


Katie P

I am super impressed with your bravery on this! I feel extremely privileged to be the controller of the shears ?‍♂️


Tony Mclean

Well done Simon


Lesley Wenselowski


Andrew Moore

That’s so raven! Nice work Simmo ????


Eva Wigney

You are a Superstar x ?


Cass Lieschke

Cass's donation from rebel moneybox


Russell Mcmellon

From one (ex long haired) redhead to another


Michelle Lascelles

Can’t wait to see the new hairdo. So proud of you!!


Brandon Donders

Your Nicolas Cage in Con Air days are numbered mate!


Mel Fretwell

Amazing cause! Very personal too me. These donation will help all people going through BC just like me! So glad the Rebel Family is behind you. x


Ryan Walters

Hi Simon, What you are doing goes well and above the call of duty. Great to see such commitment


Bethany Whitehead


Jeremy Crothers


Gordon Mckay

Good luck and well done