Bernadette Stewart

Fundraising Wrap-up after GO PINK!

To date, I have raised $2500 for breast cancer research, and with nearly $300 still to be banked, from the donations box at my work and the GO PINK fundraising day at Caboolture Softball Association today, where I circulated a pink bucket around the diamonds, that will take my total to nearly $2800.

I am so flabbergasted and appreciative of everyone's generosity and support and give everyone a massive thank you.

I have gone pink, not only with my clothes, but with my hair for $1000, I am shaving it off on Friday for $2000, and I am about $200 short of my third revised target of $3000 to keep it natural (??grey with pink highlights). Anyone want to come to the party to help me achieve this goal?


I've been wearing pink every day since Monday, but after last night, GOING PINK got a whole lot more serious! Thanks to the generosity of my beautiful hairdresser friend, Josie, my hair is now "Bubblegum Pink"! 

I work at a school and heard a mixed array of comments from both kids and adults alike. So many knew my hair was going pink (some didn't realise just how pink that was), so there was excitement, shock and pleasant surprise when they saw me, and some knew why. Everyone wholeheartedly embraced my reason for GOING PINK, even the kids, regardless of their age. They were very interested to hear about my sister, as they knew I had been absent on occasions recently, and were so respectful and understanding of that.

I've been told my pink hair makes me "look young and fresh", "a cool grannie", "a Pink Lady", and even "a clown" - and I'll happily accept all of those comments graciously.

My local softball association, where I play, has come on board with support, by relaxing rules to allow everyone to be wearing pink for this weekend and the next, so am very appreciative of their generous gesture.

Must go and get my next pink outfit sorted for tomorrow!


I have the BC pink nails now, and am working on getting the BC toenails tomorrow morning too!

I have reached my $1000 goal to colour my hair fluoro pink, and have nearly doubled that to achieve my next goal of $2000, to shave my hair off (this may coincide with when my sister loses her hair), and am halfway to my $3000 goal for me to leave my hair its natural colour - mostly Grandma Grey, but my sister insists I get fluoro pink highlights. My Dad has sent a donation via snail mail, to reach closer to my $2000 goal, as he wants to see me shave my hair (I don't think he believes I actually will)! Some have said they don't want me to go grey, so if my target hits $5000, I won't!

My sister starts her chemo treatment on Monday, so I'm roadtripping to Toowoomba tomorrow, to be there with her for that. As it's a super-strength dose, we are expecting adverse side effects and hair loss soon after.

If there was any way I could take away her cancer, cure it, stop any more people from getting cancer, I would. This is my small contribution to helping achieve these dreams and more - to help the cancer patients who are undergoing diagnosis, surgery or treatment, to make their journeys smoother, easier and less stressful and less painful.




My little sister, Monica, was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3, triple negative breast cancer in the left breast in early May.

She had surgery to remove the lump and also 7 sentinel lymph nodes (3 of which were cancer) on what would've been our late sister's 50th birthday. We lost Carmel nearly 5 years ago, to an aortic aneurysm, nearly 17 months after our Mum passed away from metastasised bowel and liver cancer. Breast cancer, or any other disease is not going to take another female family member from me!

A pet scan has shown another cancer lump behind the breast, in the chest wall, and also in the lymph nodes near the collarbone, but both are inoperable, due to being to close to the heart and other intricate nerves and vessels. Instead, we're relying on the super-strengthed chemo treatment she starts next week to zap them. She will have 6 months of chemo, before a month's break, then 5-6 weeks of radiation.

I am so proud of how strongly my sister is coping with all this adversity, as she has had to deal with a lot in her life, aside from losing our Mum and sister. She won't let this knock her down or beat her. Monica is facing up to it and going to fight hard all the way. The least I can do is be there beside her, giving her energy and courage, and helping her fight too!

Australia, get ready, I’m going pink.

From 18 – 24 June, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is challenging the men and women of Australia to GO PINK in support of the thousands of mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, daughters and sons that have been – or will be – affected by breast cancer. 

I’ve joined the team because breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. It’s a disease we cannot ignore. But together, we can change the outcomes. 

While “Going Pink” this June, I’m raising money for life-changing research. Please donate to my page, you’ll be helping us step closer to our ultimate goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

My little sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago, and is ready to undertake her chemo treatment next week. She is expected to lose her hair straight away. The least I can do is colour mine pink, but if my target is doubled, I will shave it off, or if tripled, will keep it naturally grey to match my Grandma status!

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to GO PINK with me!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cassandra Price

Go Hard x


Leon And Ree

Helping out anyway we can, cos that’s what big sisters do. You go Bernie!!! And Monica you’ve got this!


Keith Nimmo

To see my eldest daughter sacrifice her hair (less hair than me-haha) for a cause to support my youngest daughter currently fighting breast cancer with chemotheraphy now!


Chris Challenor


Josie Lay

Wonderful what you are doing, Bernadette. Loved that I could help you achieve your pink hair. Look forward to seeing your shave for a cure!




Tammy Senescall

You and Monica are truly inspirational!!!! You are all in my heart, thoughts and prayers, Tam xoxoxox


Belinda Nash

Much love to your sister, Bernadette. It’s an incredibly tough journey.


Janice Harvey

Great work for great cause!


Vince Ernst


Peter Buckett

Hi Bernadette, Hoping for all the best. Peter & Helen


Carissa And Ray

Mumma bear, so proud of what you are doing, not just raising the money but being there with aunty Monica as she goes through this fight. Monica, stay strong, brave and cheeky, we are rooting for you in this battle!


Ray Burge

Great work Bernadette!!


Lynn Tynan

To you and breast cancer. Love Lynn


Roslyn Godford

Best wishes to you and Monica! Love Roslyn XOXO


Justina Houston

Fighting hard for a great cause and sending all our love to you all ❤️❤️❤️


Will Stewart


Maria Malpass

Amazing effort Bernadette, healing thoughts to your sister.


Angela Voltz

Bernie, you are beautiful inside and out. Love you Cous. xx


Monica Bennett

You go you good thing. I love you to the moon and back Big Sis. And you have to come over to the Hot Pink side NOW before you shave it off.


Kayla Stewart

Glad to see you went pink 😃


Narell Nicholson

I wish Monica well in this arduous journey she has in front of her, I know you will have the strength to support her.


Claire Stewart


Nita Cox


Brad Jones


Bernadette Stewart

Need to back myself, don't I!


Marion Lucht


Therese Barrett

Go hard or go home Bernie - shave it off!!!


Cess Staff


Diane Righetti

Well done Bernadette. 💜 what amazing support and encouragement you are for your sister. 😀


Kerrilyn Hogan

Way to go Bernadette! Best wishes to your sister and all family for the road ahead. Love the way your raising awareness for vital research!


Jane Howie

Hey Bernadette - Great work happy to support you!


Tiff Stewart

Love you Mumma and Monny XOXO


Amanda Eichards


Christine Lukin


Sandy Cruddas

Thinking you you and your sister in this hard time Bernadette. ❤️ I wish you the very very best in beating this horrible illness, and what a wonderful way to support your sister.....🍀🍀


Karen Brown

It is wonderful what you are doing. Good luck to you and Monica


Pam Brunjes

Good luck with reaching your goal of $1000 & best wishes to your sister. XX


Dannielle Newman

Shave! Shave! Shave!


Nicole Akers


Caitlin Emily

What a great cause, well done Bernadette for being such an amazing support to your beautiful sister!!! Good luck stay strong Monica lots of love and strength your way. ❤️❤️❤️ Wish I could donate more!!! ❤️ Caitlin