Are you a live streamer? Download our Broadcaster toolkit here and add the Zero Hero Elite to your channel or choose from individual items to let your audience know you're raising funds for research. By adding Game On Breast Cancer alert graphics, badges and overlays to your channel you can start important conversations about the need for game-changing research. 
Whatever you're doing to take part in Game on Breast Cancer there are tools here to spread the word. By sharing important stats with your friends, family and colleagues you will be helping to grow our community and be supporting research that can help us reach our ultimate goal: Zero Deaths from breast cancer by 2030!

Here on mobile? You can download individual items after registration from your fundraising dashboard. 

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Meet Twitch content creator and Game On Breast Cancer hero Cat aka Venomiss. An avid gamer and live streamer for more than 2 years Venomiss is passionate about fundraising for breast cancer research and raising awareness: 

"Two women very dear to me have been diagnosed with breast cancer which lead me to the NBCF.  Game On Breast Cancer was a no brainer for me. I had to get involved when it's based around the things I love doing the most apart from being a mum."

You can visit Venomiss on Twitch here.


Please let us know if any of your questions aren't covered here by filling in our contact us form and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Who can register?

Anyone! Whether you’re an individual, a family, an esports team, or a whole community – registering for GAME ON BREAST CANCER is easy. If you’re under 16, you’ll just have to get parental consent first (it’s a legal thing) – but use it as an excuse to get them signed up too!

I'm not sure what to do, how can I take part? 

There are lots of ways to participate in GAME ON BREAST CANCER and PLAY, STREAM or WATCH to raise funds this September. 

PLAY can mean just playing your favourite games for a day or the whole week and sharing your fundraising page with friends on social media. 

STREAM can mean running streams on Twitch or YouTube and sharing your page with your viewers or even trying streaming out for the very first time. 

WATCH can mean just supporting friends who are taking part in Game on Breast Cancer and donating to their page - try searching for them in the Find a Fundraiser bar at the top of this page.

I'm having technical issues taking donations on my live stream. 

The best thing to do is join our Discord, click here to accept the invite. We have a growing community of experienced streamers and fundraisers who will be only too happy to help out with any technical problems. The Game On Breast Cancer community are all on the quest to Zero Deaths together and support each other to help raise the most we can for game-changing breast cancer research. Still having an issue? You can call 1300 803 551 or email us at

How do I enter the JB Hi-fi voucher giveaway competition?  

Click here for Terms & Conditions of the competition, good luck! 

Is there a minimum amount I have to raise?

Raise as much as you can. Every dollar raised goes towards funding game-changing breast cancer research - the more you raise, the more research NBCF can fund. How awesome would it be if you raised $1,000! If you’re stuck on how to boost your fundraising total, just on Discord into the GOAL-SMASH channel, give us a call on 1300 803 551 or email us at