This May, play online or tabletop games, do a collab IRL live stream with your mum or play her favourite game to raise funds for game-changing breast cancer research, in tribute to all the lovely mothers and women who have supported us throughout our lives.

Make an impact through your love of gaming. Team up with friends, followers, family, or colleagues and plan your Game Day with a fundraising live stream all month.

Register now, join our Discord channel, share your page to raise funds and start changing the future for the more than 20,000 Australians who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2023. 

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"Breast cancer has impacted my family a lot. Almost every woman on my Mum's side (except my Mum) has passed away from the disease. The BRCA2 gene mutation runs in my family so there's actually a 6% chance I could develop male breast cancer. When my auntie was diagnosed at age 40 I was shocked to hear how many women that young can get it."

"This May I'm saying Game On for all the women in my family, and holding my own Game Day to raise funds for breast cancer research to help others like them."

- Liam, playing on mobile and console. 


Thank you to our campaign partners

Here are the incredible partners teaming up with us to support critical breast cancer research and save lives!