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Hello everyone If you know me personally you know I've had a traumatic spinal cord infarction in 2013 which lead me to be in a wheelchair. I spent 8 months in Prince of Wales hospital Sydney in the spinal unit undergoing rehabilitation an learning how to prepare myself to live independently. I also have had my fair share of obstacles throughout the course of my injury an still ongoing. I know I have a tough life but there is always someone out there that is fighting a battle a lot worse than mine, so i had decided 2 years ago that I was going to let my hair grow and cut it to raise money for breast cancer. I have posted this picture to show the length of my hair when I decided i wanted to grow it to what the length is now. I will attach the link below an in my bio so if you can please dig deep an donate for a good cause.

Thank you to my Supporters


Susan Bear

Congratulations Naomi!


Dizzy Rascal

You’re an inspiration Naomi! Miss your laugh and playing footy with you x


Em White

Well, it was 3 years ago that I received a breast cancer diagnosis and it is due to the amazing doctors and the community of Wallaga and the beautiful mother mountain that I have healed and remain cancer free. You are amazing and I support you all the way! Love your work.


Naomi Foster


Ally Mcqueen

Your a true inspiration and a remarkable women xo


Lois Irwin

Good for you.


Jodie Symons



Linda Newcombe


Penny Jones

Well done Naomi. Penny and Tony


Martha Mchugh

Hey Naomi - best of luck. I work with Kristy.


Molly Jones & Ninnum Parsons

Proud of you Naomi! Y


Norah Fowler


Gabrielle Powell

go Naomi go!!


Annie Ray