Bye jace’s mullet!

By Kirstie Newman

I'm now a Zero Hero

As some people are aware, my brave mum is about to have the biggest fight against breast cancer. Jace has decided to shave his much loved mullet for her and raise money towards breast cancer!! 
Any donations are appreciated! 

Event Information

Wednesday 05th August

Thank you to my Supporters



I hope this helps your Mumma even if its only small anything will help. Its going to be so strange to see Jace without a Mullet lol


Kirstie Newman


Tiff & Frank


David Kelly

Thinking of ya and keeping ya in my thoughts. All I can say in times like these stay strong girl for ya mum!!!


Tia Doherty

Wish you guys all the best xx


Jess Webster


Paige M

Always happy to help such a beautiful family ❣


Hayley Leaver



tell him hes a mad cunt