CJs Kick the Journey Ride

By Chrissy Jackholme

My Updates

Day 1

Sunday 1st Aug
Where is this?

Reach it with me?

Saturday 31st Jul
I’m riding 7kms a day in August to raise donations for breast cancer research. 

Help by paying a dollar a day to help me  build awareness and reflect on our loved ones now gone to cancer and their own silent personal journeys they endured before losing their lives to cancer! Donate at the end of the month after I hopefully reach my goal. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Dean Ballard

On ya Chrissy. 🙂


Jason & Allison


Cheryl Pey

U go Girlfriend! You are 'pedalling' such a positive & inspirational mindset, Chrissy🚴


Anita Rienks


Abigail Austin


Maree P

Fantastic Chrissy xx



Proud of you Chrissyx


Michelle Palmer

You're amazing!


Simone Thompson

Way to go Chrissy, you're a true inspiration!!


Rennae Cannon


Najah Pearce

Good work Chrissy!


Nicola Courtney

Sending you lots of love Chrissy, a true motivator and an inspiration to all xox