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Kym's Journey written by her sister Zoe

My sister Kym has been such a big part of my life. Most recently she has showed courage and strength and has used her diagnosis to show and inspire others that the mountain that has been put in front of her can be climbed.
Kym’s journey hit her like a cyclone... literally! Kym felt a pea like hardness on her right breast in February 2015 and received confirmation of triple positive breast cancer. Kym had a mastectomy and started 18 months of chemo therapy.
During this time as you can imagine we had highs and lows... a lot of self discovery.
Fast forward 2.5 years in remission and in November 2018 Kym discovered another lump this time in her left breast. Kym was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Kym went through a second mastectomy and started another 3 months of chemo therapy.
On reflection the past four years have been a roller coaster ride. I’m so proud to share my sisters story and love her more each day! Kym’s strength, determination and will to keep fighting is a testament to her family and herself.

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Kathy Mann

Kym you are such an inspiration, your courage and strength is admired by many. Here’s to you steady and stronger and better every day. Sending you lots of love and prayer always 💕🙏💋


Mariah Lane



Brad Montgomery


Jordan Burtt


Natasha Weier

For all the woman fighting 💕💕


Belinda Ellis


Rob Ibbs

Great stuff Zoe. Wishing your sister all the best!


Karen Cowie

Go Team VC Pink Angles



Let’s do this, can’t wait to see our pictures circulating.


Olivia Harte

so proud of you Kym! love you💖💖