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My 55 Squat Challenge for breast cancer research

I decided to join the 55 squat challenge for breast cancer research because on the 3rd December last year I was 1 of those 55 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer.

My radiotherapy treatment finishes at the end of February and so March is the perfect month for me to start the 55 squat challenge to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Every donation, big or small, will get me closer to reaching my goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation end deaths from breast cancer.

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My Updates

I did it!

Thursday 31st Mar
31 days of squats done and dusted!
Pretty pleased with all my friends and family that have donated, it kept me going when covid was making it hard. 

Thanks everyone!

Squats and covid

Tuesday 15th Mar
As if being diagnosed with breast cancer in December wasn’t enough I now have added to my 55 squat challenge, covid. No need for weights with my squats. 55 squats with covid is my limit at the moment. 

Raising money for breast cancer research, keep calm and do 55 squats! 

Thanks so much to everyone that has donated already. . 


Tuesday 1st Mar
Day 1 done, 30 to go!!

Thanks for your donations!

Monday 28th Feb
I’m excited and blown away that I’ve made it to the top of the donations page in just over 2 days!! 
Thanks to everyone for their donations, you’re amazing!

My 55 Squats a day starts on Tuesday and I’m feel so loved that so many people are supporting me through their donations. 
And Melissa Dimsey I’m not doing it with 30kg on the bar like pre covid pump classes! 
Hoping to get my hockey legs back for the winter season!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Richard And Prue Metzke

Go Trish


Kim A

You are inspiring in so many ways!


Belinda Timms

Well done Trish!!


Owen Rogers

Trish - Acorns missing you on the track & proud to support such an important cause. O


Roz Lambert

Happy to donate Trish. Hope all goes well with the treatment.


Kylie Downs

Trish! Goodness, I am sending you love and stay-well vibes from the country. You are amazing. Love Kylie


Bronwen Kohne

Go Trish! I love that you are doing this 💜


Sue Clohesy

Great job Trish!! Love your work!


Trudy And Ian Timms


Robert Coker

All the best Trish for a speedy recovery.


Helen & Michel Ollivier

Thinking of you, Trish, and cheering you on with every squat! Wishing you all the best xx


Sarah Thomson

Good luck Trish, you can smash this! X


Katherine Lynch

Hope your squat challenge is going well, Trish! Fantastic fundraising efforts. LYLT xx


Ralph Kerr

Go Acorns


Anne Perazzo


The Perazzo Mckinlays


Sarah Marsh

Hi Trish, Sorry you are going through this. Wishing you a speedy recovery. If you need anything please reach out. What a great way to raise much needed funds for a fantastic charity xx



Rooting for you.


Jane Sorell

Wishing you a speedy recovery Trish. Sending lots of love. 😘


Ali Toner

Sending loads of love from this side of the globe - keep fighting and raising awareness Trish, you are a superstar!!


Jacqueline Scarlett

You’re amazing Trish. An important cause and love your motivation. x


Kate & Evan Pearson

Go Trish!


Mandie Joyce



Good effort Trish.


Leigh Hodges

I'm sure you'll smash it Trish! Look forward to seeing you back out on the pitch soon. Cheers Leigh.


Fiona Roberts

You're amazing Trish! What a great idea.


Warren Caspersz

Looks like you are smashing out those squats Trish. Keep up the great work.


Jo Cooper

Go Trish! Missing you at Monday night hockey - can't wait to have you back on the field for the winter season! You'll be our secret weapon!


Kate E

You go girl!


Lisa Hamilton

Proud of you Trish, go get them 🥰


Libby Joyce


The Perrys

Great cause and great effort Trish esp given your current energy levels, well done!


Bronwen Miller

Well done Trish. You are amazing for doing this, recovering for breast cancer and the family from covid. You rock. Congratulations love the millers



Go Trish. I know you can do it and looking fwd to seeing you @Matlock cheering on the Acorns - you are missed.


Suze P

Good on you Trish!


Melissa Dimsey

Good on you Trish. You’re amazing. Don’t do them with 30kgs, like at pump, though. 😘 And if you get a bit bored, we can zoom squat together.


Dorte Bell

You are so amazing and have such a big heart ❤️. Wishing you the speediest recovery possible.


Trish Cronin


Deb Singleton

Well done Trish!


Liza Pook

Go Trish! Will be thinking of you and others who are diagnosed.. what a brilliant cause!



So glad you are on the mend. 💪💪💪


Christina Trypis

Best wishes and continued good health to you as you finish your treatment. Well done on sharing your story and the fundraising challenge, you’re sure to be an inspiration to many on both counts. x


Jenny Elzinga

Go Trish.


Debbie Taylor

Hi Trish. You’re a trooper. Hope you and the family are well ❤️


Kate Parker


Carolyn Kermode

Thinking of you trish and willing you along. Channel box hill classes with me! Sending you love on your journey. ❤️


Damian Richardson

Trish - all power and strenth to you. Love Damian x


Kelly Longworth

Go Trish!! So good to hear that you are through your treatment and here’s wishing you a speedy recovery X



Sending you all the love Trish. Good luck with the challenge xx


Cheryl Payne

So pleased for this positive outcome Trish. We did not realize that you were experiencing this health challenge. You have that Metzke “muscle” to conquer things. Just think about your awesome Dad ! Take great care and love from us both. Simon and Cheryl Payne xx😍😍❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


The Hindles

Go Trish, you can do it!


Helen Wright

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, hope the treatment has gone ok and good luck with the challenge - you’re amazing! X


Lea Timms

Your amazing Trish ! Will squat my way through March with you 😘


Kay Tobin

Great job Trish. I know you will do this easily. Xx


Christine Ferrari

Well done Trish.



Well done Trish!!


Caroline Sowden

You rock Trish!


Emma Lecouteur Luttick

Speedy recovery Trish bouncing back, continued strength and best wishes. What a great cause 💕


Tanya Day

You go girl! We’re looking forward to seeing you back on the hockey field soon - with extra fitness from all those squats!



Go, Trish! X


Holly G

Go Trish!


Andreanne & Greenland Family

Go Trish! I’m sure you will surpass your goals, both in fundraising and in the squat challenge. We’re all behind you and sending you heaps of recovery energy. Xx


Larissa Williams

Good on you Trish. Mum has a lumpectomy on wednesday. Lady at work also doing challenge so giving to both of you. Big hugs xxx


Kate Plowman



Woo go Trish



Good luck! You'll have thighs of steel by the end of this!


Sara Whitburn

Good luck Trish. Always happy to support cancer research. Take care


Janelle Saracino

You got this. Thanks for squashing the stigma and talking about your journey..


Tamara Kamphuis

You are AWESOME 🌟🌟


Jacqui Plant

A belated donation but no less well meant. Good luck for the remainder of the month Trish.


Jennifer Gomez

You are a superstar! You're over halfway, keep going Legend x