Dragon's Spooky Halloween 24 Hour Stream!

By TheSteamDragon

I'm now a Zero Hero

I'm doing it again!! To raise more much-needed funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and be a Zero Hero, I'm doing a 24 Hour Stream and playing a list of horror/spooky/thriller games! 

I have been raising money for the NBCF for the last 2 years, after hearing that one of my female family members had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and was going through Chemo and Radiation. I wanted to do something to honour her, and other members of my family who have gone through it too. I am not an exercise person, so that was out, but I found a way that allowed me to do what I could for an organisation that researches this disease. Streaming!! So, I utilise my platform once or twice a year and have a bit of fun while doing so!!

Help me raise much-needed funds for research and let's find a way to end breast cancer for good!

Event Information

Saturday 28th October 18:00 - 18:00