Taylah Xuereb

Bridge to 2030 Sydney

Why I feel this cause is worth supporting!

As a young person, specifically a young woman in today's society I feel it is important we not only be aware but are in support of those experiencing and in remission with breast cancer. 

The statistics are purely daunting - It is estimated that in 2018, 18,087 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer or approximately 49 each day. Approximately 28% of new cancers diagnosed in women in 2017 were breast cancer.

Unfortunately, many women I know have lost their lives to breast cancer or experienced its trials, thus I am doing this in support of their courage and strength.

Help me make a difference! Every cent counts!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rita Xuereb

What a great cause! Keep up the good work darling xx


Jessica Craft


Virginia Abela

Such a great cause beautiful xx well done for doing this xx love 💖 you heaps Vicki xx


Christopher Xuereb

Go Sis


Josephine Borg


Taylah Xuereb


Adrian Sciberras

Proud of you 💕