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Our 57 Squat Challenge for breast cancer research

In October 2020 I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer with wide spread bone metastases. This diagnosis came after months of back pain and multiple visits to medical practitioners to determine the origin of my issues. It kicked of an intense period of treatment, surgery, recovery and more treatment. Fast forward to February 2024 and against some pretty steep odds, I am still here and still relatively healthy in spite of my cancer. In February 2021 I lead my first Squat Challenge and have been coming back each year since with my band of incredible supporters. Our goal is to raise the funds needed to meet the needs of the 57 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer every day and a further 9 who will lose their lives to this disease each day. We want to make a difference to the lives of those 57 Australians impacted by the disease - that is why we are taking on the 57 Squat Challenge to raise vital funds for world-class breast cancer research. But we need your help.

Please support our squat challenge to save lives and make a difference.

Every donation, big or small, will get us closer to reaching our goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation end deaths from breast cancer.

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My Updates

7 days to go!

Monday 25th Mar
7 more days of squats to go and we are done! Booty Benders are still leading the national teams leaderboard but only by a little. While the glutes and legs are really burning, the end of the challenge is in sight and it’s almost as beautiful as Sunday’s sunrise. Let’s go!

Upping the ante!

Thursday 7th Mar
I’ve been slogging away and getting more than a little help from my friends in completing my daily squats. Even doing them in ‘chunks’ throughout the day is hard work. What is an awesome feeling however is achieving my fundraising goal in the first week of the challenge. That’s priceless. So of course I’ve reset my goal posts and I’m aiming even higher. 
Thank you to my fundraising supporters this far and please spread the word so I can reach my new goals before the challenge ends! xoxox 

Day 1

Friday 1st Mar
Squats are done. J is helping me out as my spine and legs aren’t holding up as well as they used to. So thrilled our Booty Benders team are kicking butt already in reaching toward our goals. It’s going to be a great month!

It’s almost go time!

Thursday 29th Feb
I’ve gone dark these past couple of weeks since starting the page. I’ve low on energy most days so I direct it where it’s needed most and I drop the extraneous stuff so I don’t run myself into the ground. That’s the reality of having lived with stage four metastatic breast cancer for 41 months and counting. I’m the happy recipient of many drug treatments that keep the disease progression at a slow crawl, some of which were developed through the support of NBCF funds. So while I’ve been off starting a new adventure at university this year and grieving a little the end of my 27-year long career in Air Force, our amazing Booty Benders have us almost at the halfway point of our fundraising goal. Isn’t that just the best? I’d love to smash through that halfway mark of $5000 for the team before we start our squats from tomorrow. Anybody able to help me out a little? Follow the link and make a tax deductible contribution to saving lives from breast cancer. Love always. Suse ? 
Ps. Check your boobs today. We’ve all got them. Everyone needs to stay aware of what is right for your body and if something feels wrong see your primary care physician asap. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kathryn Carlisle

Susan, you are a wonderful person in so many ways. An advocate for the National Breast Cancer Foundation is but one of the many charitable organisations you selflessly support. We are fully behind every 'squat' you and your team do. Your efforts support so many people.


David Scheul


Claire Milton


Philip Vella


Susan Liddy



If we all do our bit we will move mountains.


Henrik Ehlers

You continue to inspire! Best wishes for the challenges ahead.



Suse, you are and will always be amazing to me!!!




Deane Giles

Go Suse!!






Matched Donation




Lesley Simpkins


Pamela Simpkins

Love you!



Keep burninating the countryside S


Dani Glatz

You inspire - not just because of your strength but also your beautiful and honest vulnerability.


Paul Taylor

Go get em!


Kellie And Steve Henry



👏👏👏💕🌻 You got this 🏆🥇



I'm doing 3534 squats this March for the 57 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer every day.