Sarah Thompson

Tea and bubbles at our high T

My bestie Erin and I have decided to host a fundraiser for the ladies this year with a bit of a twist 


As most of you know the Thommos turn Pink in June and it’s something we are truly passionate about!

 we want to see in our life time a stop to All cancers.... we chose a few years ago NBCF as our charity of choice as it’s close to our hearts.

While Sam gets busy with his Team in Bluescope 

“Team Blue turns Pink”

for another huge June.. Sarah and Erin have decided a girls event was well overdue

Can’t come thanks ok donate if you can 

We can’t wait to share a great day of fun while raising money for the National Breast cancer Foundation 


Proudly supporting Team Blue Turns Pink



Thank you to my Sponsors


Pearls And Bubbles High Tea Raffle


High Tea


Mel Ford

So proud of you!!!



You are an inspiration Sare, good luck 👏👏👏😘



All the very best