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Pink Ribbon Event

In honour of my grandmother Letitia, my friend Nadia and my best friend Nina who recently passed away from breast cancer, I am hosting a Pink Ribbon Event this October.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia's leading not-for-profit organisation funding world-class breast cancer research towards a vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer. All donations made to this page will help do exactly that. 

In Australia, 1 in 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. 1 in 600 men will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. 9 Australians will lose their battle every day. 

In 2023, over 3,200 Australians will pass away from breast cancer. 

Let’s make Zero Deaths from breast cancer a reality. Your generosity can get us one step closer to this vision.

Advances in genetic testing, immunotherapy, metastatic cancer treatments , AI technology and mammogram screening have improved how breast cancer is diagnosed, managed, and treated.  I believe world-class research is the best way to prevent deaths from breast cancer. 

Click 'Donate' to make a secure online donation and help us reach our goal. Every donation, big or small, will help us get there. Please donate today.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will be issued with a tax-deductible receipt via email as soon as you make your donation.

NBCF has one vision - Zero Deaths from breast cancer. Together we can help them get there.

Thank you so much for your support!

My Pink Ribbon Breakfast starts in :

Event Information:

Sunday 29 Oct 2023

Thank you to my Sponsors


High Tea Lunch


Shalin Ho

Sending all our love to all the brave ones and their families who have fought this or are still fighting this terrible disease. Nins always in our hearts and minds.


Alvina Hui

Well done Mae




Francis Cueva

Proud of you May


Julie & Jess Kassai

We’re All For You “ You Can Beat this Fight “


Sheela Tuazon


Kelsey Zeng

You are doing a great job, May, sending love and hugs


Ethel M

Remembering Nins 💚




Marilou Weston


Cirila Mcguinness


Leanne Knudsen


May Modino


Mae Wright



Kathy Ashe


Kathy A




Precica T


Sam, Rico, Syriah, Samanta Blancia


Louise White


Amicel Baynosa


Maria Blancia


David Barter


Jonathan Abelardo

God bless