Megan Boyd

I'm going without to support breast cancer research!

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is challenging all Australians to Give it Up for Breast Cancer. 

I've decided to go without and raise money for vital breast cancer research. My fundraising target might seem like a random number, however if I can meet it with your generosity, then I will have raised $10,000 since my first fundraiser in 2019! If I want to raise $2.9k I know I can’t just give up something small and easy. The things I have chosen to give up have caused me genuine anxiety every time I’ve contemplated them (even now as I type I’m nervous) which is why I know they are the right things. Therefore for the month of January I am giving up:

* electronic games (this includes all games on iPad, phone or laptop, I have looked at my screen time reports for my phone and iPad, I can’t quite own up to the time spent on these yet but needless to say it’s a part-time job equivalent)

* tv (this includes watching tv shows on other devices, given that my tv significantly overlaps with games this is also a large number of hours I will need to fill)

* junk food (originally it was just chocolate but I knew I would instantly swap it out with lollies/chips etc. Note: this doesn’t include birthday cake!! This girl has to celebrate her 40th this month after all!)

* being a couch potato (this is to prevent me from simply swapping all of these addictions for their analog counterparts…my avg daily steps over the last year is an embarrassingly low 3255, I have set a minimum target of 5000 daily steps)

Is this too much all at once? Maybe. Have I ever succeeded at giving up any of these things in the past? No (I think I managed tv once for a month but I am pretty sure I substituted watching stuff on the iPad instead) but I think it needs to be significantly hard enough for it to be worthwhile and I really want to do this for a cause that is so close to my heart.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. This year over 20,000 Australians will be diagnosed. That is why I have decided to give it up and help fund the future of research and change these stats.

Please donate to my page and you’ll be helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation take one step closer to reaching their goal of Zero Deaths From breast cancer. 

YOU can also make a difference. Let me know if you want to Give it Up for Breast Cancer with me!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Julie And Bill

Well done on getting to the end of the month and achieving your goals xxx



You go girl!!!


Nathan Borgelt

You have all my love and support.


Julie And Bill

Well done darling


Ingrid B

You got this Megan!




Vikki Clingan

this is $10 per item, per week. You can do it Meg!!



So proud of you Meg


Miki, Alex, Hamish, Savannah And Stella

Go Aunty Meggie!!!


Ben C

Well done Meg!


The French-guys

Love from the French-Guy family


Megan Boyd


Marnie Simon


Emma Shaw


Amanda D

Well done Meg!


Natalie Ratcliffe


Jen Wilkie

We need more “you’d” in the world Megs! Xx


Mel Smith

Nearly there Meg! Well done!


Keziah Judd

You’ve got this!




Sue Ford

Good luck on your quest.


Lauren Christensen

Well done Meg! And such a great cause 💕


Simone Irwin

Wow, you are an inspiration Megan!! Well done!!


Meagan Priest

Good work Meg ❤️


Maddie T

Good on you Meg! What a great challenge.


Kate Rick

You will smash it Meg. 💝



Well done Meg! What a huge achievement.


Geoff Calaby


Julie Hunter

Congrats Meg on your amazing fundraising and awareness efforts x


Emily W

You’re almost there 🥳


Claire S

Half way through now- keep going! xx


Caroline Q

Keep up the great work Meg for an even greater cause xx



you’re a champ!


Gerri Canns

You’ve set yourself a challenge that’s for sure. You got this!!!


Rachel T

Good luck Meg!


Erin Taylor


Daria Sigma

A good effort for a good cause! You got this!



Go mum uoy are the best mummy and ❤️💕💚💙🥰🤩⭐️💗💜💛😀😃😁😆😄🥰😘😍😁😅🤩😚😙😋😗🤩🤗🤭