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I'm Stepping Up To Breast Cancer

This August, I have joined the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to Step Up to Breast Cancer. I have stepped up to the challenge of completing 10,000 steps every day throughout the month to raise money for vital breast cancer research.

This year over 3,200 Australians will lose their life to breast cancer. That is why I have stepped up to the challenge to help fund research to reach Zero Deaths from breast cancer. But I need your help.

Every donation, big or small, will get me closer to reaching my goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation reach Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

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Maureen O'dwyer


Suzie Miller



Freedman Family

Great stuff Lou and Baci. Big love to your mum during this journey. 😘💖💐


Clare Miller

Well done Lou xxx


Chrissy M

Well done and thank you Lou :) June you got this!


Edna Goertges

My Schatzi, I’m super proud of you , you are amazing , well done, great achievement, love you 🥰👏


Gen S

So sorry to hear Lou but good on you and best wishes to your amazing mum and family! Xx



Well done Lou and god bless June in her recovery


Shar Ramamurthy

So nice to see you yesterday Lou, and your lovely mum and sisters. Auntie June is such a special lady x


Brendan Campbell


June Ferguson

Good luck Louise , step to it!


Brian Barry

All the best to the Cooneys and their indomitable matriarch!


Noeleen Williams

Sending love ❤️



You are a legend! Just like Dawn🥰🥰


Sandie Saundry

Sending love to all the Cooney Gals and especially your legendary Mum, June


Catherine & Kate Loughnan

Louise My daughter Kate & myself met your beautiful Mum at a Swans Ladies Lunch a few years back. What a wonderful woman. Best wishes to June & good luck to you. Sending healing thoughts


Frances Tobin


Liz Dortmans

Congrats Lou on your stellar efforts. Doing what you can for your gorgeous Mum. June has given us a lot of love and laughter over the last 40 years and deserves every bit of support and care… so much love and good wishes to youxxxx


Kris Cooney



Go Lou!!! Great thing you are doing … hope your Mum is Ok xx


Jenny Cooney

Hi Lou!!! Hoping to walk some of those steps with you in support of a great charity!


Kate Gibb


Joanne Thorne

Love to you all xx


Anthony Jackson




Dan & Celeste Young


Tracey Crichton

All for kicking cancer in the butt



Well done Lou such a great cause. We lost my mother in law to aggressive breast cancer. All the best with the steps 💕


Anna Byrne

Well done Lou!!!


Franca Collareda

Just a little thought for June !! Love you all Franca!!


Di Wilson

Love to June and the family 🩷


Ro Syme

Good on you Lou (& Baci) Love you June - such a legend! Sending lots of love and strength to you and all the family xx


Maggie Matheson

So good to be able to contribute. June you look wonderful surrounded by your gorgeous daughters. My sister Mary has you on her church prayer list in Sydney. Must be helping.



Smash it, June!


Roba Elsaleh

To Robyn and family I’m so sorry you are all dealing with this. Prayers to your lovely mum. Love Roba


Catherine Young

I know you will reach your goal my beautiful Cuz, this is for all people who have suffered from breast Cancer but essentially for my one and only Aunty June and my best friend of 60 years Jan Marmo xxx


Aunty San.


Simone Hayman

You are an incredible family that will love and support each other



You are simply awesome ❤️❤️


Joanne Mcfadyen




Sharon Taylor

Go girl x


Lou Wardlaw

Go Lou & Baci… your Mum is an inspiration, an incredibly strong woman. Such an important cause, so close to my heart ❤️


Lou Whelan

You’ve got this. June’s got this. X


Rob Brown

Love Rob and Andy. xx


Mozzie And Daz

Kick it's ass June, amazing effort lou


David Thornton

Good luck Lou


Fi & Col Sheppard

Sending love positive vibes Lou & June. Loats of love Fi & Col




Louise Cooney


Robyn Cooney

Go Luigi ❤️


Gab Robinson

So much love to June and the Cooney Crew. Thank you for this fundraiser, too many women touched by this.


Mike Dimitriou

Great work Lou on your challenge , no doubt you’ll kill it.


Love Catha & Gavin Xx

Love Catha & Gavin xx


Katrina Corr

You're smashing it Lou! Keep on walking. Much love to June x



Go Lou!!! All the best June with your recovery xxx


Cassandra Tousssint

Great work your doing Louise !!


Renata Dimitriou

You’re a legend Lou Lou C’mon A June, you got this x


Simone Kaplan


Sally Barker



Sending well wishes to June


Vicky With A Y

Make sure you have a curry to hurry those last few steps Lou. Lovely you doing this for your brave superstar Mum xxx


Meredith Rowe


Lawrie Masterson


Milly Griffiths

Good on you Lou xx Say hello to mum for me 🥰


Leanne Saunders

Great work xx❤️


Margaret Daly

Go Lou, if anyone can complete the challenge it will be you.


Nikki Palma

How could I not donate to a fellow Swans’ supporter. Thinking of you and your gorgeous Mum, Louise. Saying prayers for your fam. X


Mary Anne Roberts

Well done Louise !! Fabulous cause ! Love to your darling Mum too !


Catherine Glenister


Angie Vaughan

Love you June!!!!


Jenny Bayliff



Love the Cooney clan and June, well you and your family are just amazing, and have touched and inspired so many, including me 🙏❤️


Katrina Walker


Andi Lawson-moore

Sending love and best wishes to June!



“I will walk five thousand miles and I will walk five thousand more, just to step up to curing this devastating disease 😘 .Keep up the great work x




Gail Muir

Good luck June xx.