Linda Slade

I've made a pledge to GO PINK!

This June, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is challenging all Australians to make a pledge and GO PINK to raise funds in support of the thousands of women and men whose lives have been - and will be - impacted by breast cancer.

I've made a pledge to WEAR IT, SHAVE IT or COLOUR IT and raise funds for game-changing research into early detection and preventative treatments for breast cancer, which is vital to increasing survival rates.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Almost 20,000 women and men will be diagnosed this year. That’s 55 Australians every single day. Since NBCF’s inception in 1994, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer has increased from 76% to 91%. It’s proof that their strategy of investing in world-class research is working. However 8 women still lose their lives from breast cancer each day – mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends.

Please donate to my page and you’ll be helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation step closer to their goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to GO PINK with me!

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1k WONDER - Raise $1,000 for DNA discoveries!

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My Updates

Keith Studholme is going bald and his beard is going PINK!!

Tuesday 22nd Jun


Give Linda a hand and donate to this wonderful cause!

Dad is also willing to rock a pink beard, however if there is more money coming in he will shave his beard and head in memory of Nan and all who have suffered breast cancer.
Or will he go bald with a pink beard?
Click on the link to donate to Linda and just mention Keith in the comments so he knows just how far to go with the colouring or shaving and thank you for your donation ?

Look at the fine specimen below - he's going to be pink or as smooth as a baby's bottom ?

Join us at the Royal Hotel - Weethalle this Friday 25th June 8pm!

Lets Turn Weethalle NSW PINK

Monday 21st Jun

Let’s turn Weethalle PINK!

And help raise funds to find a cure for

Breast Cancer!

I am encouraging and asking all locals and local businesses to Go Pink and help us donate to this cause that we all know is close to my heart.

My Aim is to raise $2000.

For the remainder of June, The RoadKill Grillz will be decorating the shop in Pink to raise awareness, we will also be taking donations and selling Pink Cupcakes with all sales to go to the

National Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you wish to donate online this is the link to make your donation:

 I have also shared the link on my Facebook Page.

Go Pink

Coz Breast Cancer Stinks!

My Breast Cancer Journey

Monday 21st Jun
In 2017 I was diagnoses with 2 stage Breast Cancer & after a long hard 12 months of treatment I must admit I'v never been the same again (I have had to learn a new normal which I don't like) But I'm Truly thankful to still be here & spend time with my beautiful family & watch them grow. I am hoping to raise $2,000.00 to help other people that are starting their journey with this horrible disease & hopefully help find a cure so no one else has to ever has go through what I had to go through. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Offline Donation



Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz Darlenes Lee's Cup Cakes, Darlene Lee's, Jess Lee's Mal Pope, Gwen Pope, Chris Fenning, Whistle Stop Customers, Fat Bob & the Blonde, Juile Anne, Dylan McKenzie, Dot McTyer, Faye Overall & Road Kill Grillz Customers


Wholistic Care Pty Ltd

Wholistic Care would like to make this donation on behalf of Harley for his Aunty in her fight against breast cancer and his mother Tammy for her wonderful support.


Weethalle Country Club

From your friends at the Weethalle Country Club


Paulo & Rochelle

Would love to see Keith, listy , and bookie go bald!! Great work Linda and Kylie getting Weethalle to go pink!


Ben Procter



Stephen Jolly


Greg Healy - For Keith & Listy

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz For Keith & Listy


Agnvet Services, Weethalle

Wishing you all the best with your fund raiser Linda. Good on you Keith, Listy & Craig for taking part


Steve Mcgrath "bee Man"

Steve McGrath Bee man Weethalle


Elders Griffith

For Keith Studholme’s Shave




Patrick Lees


Jj Farm Equipment

All the best Linda. Good on you Keith, top effort mate!


Good on you Keith!!


"the Shed" Kel Bridge / Jollys Ag Contracting

Cash Given direct to Road Kill Grillz


Judi Wilkinson

Linda, I am so Pleased to be able to Help you reach your target.


Diane Studholme

Go Keith, such a good thing to do, well done Linda, Listy and Bookie


Tooth Family

Best wishes in your journey Linda. Go Keith.


Terry Teremoana

You are a champion Linda.


Gail Judd


Leanne Maree Prince


Haidee Studholme

You're amazing Linda!!!! Keithy boy and Listy are going to look amazing 🤗😉


Tamie Barclay

Great cause and all the best with the fund-raiser. Good on you Uncle Lindsay for shaving off the mo!



From Gary Black (Hookies) For Keith & Listie Good job boys


Craig Murray

Hope your doing well Linda.


Jenny Northey


Darren Woodhouse


Jogga Caldow -- For Listy

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz For Listy


Spencer And Bennett

Happy to help ... have a good night


Rocky And Kaylene Hudson

Keith and Listy well done


Leanne, Tammy And Kaye

You’ve done a great thing Linda. This is for Betty’s pink hair!!!


Weethalle Post Office


Fiona Brown

Pink beard and bald please Keith!!



Can’t wait to see Floyd’s work on Bettys hair 😍😍


Schute Bell Wagga

$50.00 for head shave & pink beard


Fat Bob And The Blonde Hq

Congratulations on your awesome fund raising - you Pinked Up Weethalle


Ryan Overall


Kim Overall


Jessica Lees


Rob & Denise Robertson - For Keith

For Keith Cash Given Direct to Road Kill Grillz



Big Hugs from my family to yours


From You Bestie

Your a true warrior my gorgeous friend


Ann Fisher

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz


Monica Molloy

Your a great woman Linda, well done👍xxoo


Andrew & Louise Sinca

Well done Linda and your team 💕 such a fabulous cause xx


Jacqui Vallely

Lindsay’s Mo


Mark Flagg Livestock&property


Tanya Jolly

Hi Linda good luck with the fundraiser I’ll like to put $25 each for listy and Keith



Well done Linda great cause…hope you have a great night


Dean's Auto Electrical

Think keith needs shaving from the neck up


Mandy Lou


Sarah Anderson


Veronica Cudmore

Fantastic Linda Your a champion 💕


Emily Patton

Donated direct to Road Kill Grillz


Brain Johnston For Keith

For Keith Cash Given Direct to Road Kill Grillz


Addy Caldow

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz


Peter Thurston For Listy

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz For Listy


Bill Lawrence

From Bill Lawrence


Chris & Dave Savin

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz


Bryan Studholme

Good job Keith


Narelle Cattle



Wonderful idea Linda & thinking of anyone that is going thru this right now. Good on Keith, Listy & Craig for doing their bit


Jason Ag & Vet

For Keith & Listy Cash Given Direct to Road Kill Grillz


Darlene Lees

Go Keith!


Carol Evans

Love what you are doing to raise funds Breast cancer touches so msny people and ot runs in my family


Joy Neville

Best wishes Linda. Glad to support Keith, Listy & Craig's efforts.


Nena Post Office "lucky Dip"

Cash Given Direct to the Road Kill Grillz Nena Post Office "Lucky Dip"


Duncan Fell


Sarah, Ryan & Jackson

We are so proud of you mumma/ninny. We love you 💗


Frank Sibraa

It's a bit cold but good one Keith, I hope you have plenty of beanies


Kathleen Lewis



Very worthy cause. Xx


Kelli Jessop-smith

Im so happy you are still with us chick. Happy to donate. Its not much but hopefully it all adds up.


Jodie Hoskinson

From Jodie Hoskinson


Dan Lancaster

Go Keith