Jo McGregor Pink Ribbon Breakfast Whitsunday Airport Shute Harbour

My Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Following our first Jo McGregor Pink Ribbon Breakfast last year, Whitsunday Airport Shute Harbour is running another breakfast to help raise much needed funds and awareness of breast cancer especially Metaplastic breast cancer as it is one of the most aggressive breast cancers.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Jo Mcgregor

Funds raised from Entry, raffles and T shirts Thank you all for your wonderful support


Sue Finney


Greg Nankervis


Glenda O’connor


Clare And Darryl Mckenzie


Kath Gould

Great day Jo. Can’t wait to take the boys out on a little adventure xx




Tina Cook

Thanks for great morning Jo and all your fabulous helpers πŸ’•


Mel Johnson

You are doing an awesome job Jo πŸ‘πŸΌ


Crayford Jane

$220 for raffle if Prada sunglasses


Colin Thompson

Great morning shared by all


Bronwyn Ludbrook

Big 4


Kath Gould

Big 4


Claudia Payet

Well done Jo Jo! You looked beautiful today! XX


Amy Keyte



Beautiful strong lady 😘😘


Julia Farrell


Jo Mcgregor

Money raised from collection tin at Hangar Bar & cafe


Kissproof Pout By Kellie

Hi Jo! Thanks for a lovely morning. Here’s my other extra donation raised from my biz sales yesterday. Wishing you all the best & lots of positive vibes xx 😘


Stephanie Raymant

So proud of you. You're an inspiration to all of us. Xxx


Steve Fraser

Awesome work Jo.. XXX


Amanda Hansen

You are AMAZING Jo 😘


Deena Hansen


Chloe Markham


Brooke Hollands


Kylie Feldman

You are an inspiration Jo πŸ’‹ πŸ’•