Kerrie Marsland

I've made a pledge to GO PINK!

This June, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is challenging all Australians to make a pledge and GO PINK to raise funds in support of the thousands of women and men whose lives have been - and will be - impacted by breast cancer.

I've made a pledge to WEAR IT, SHAVE IT or COLOUR IT and raise funds for game-changing research into early detection and preventative treatments for breast cancer, which is vital to increasing survival rates.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Almost 20,000 women and men will be diagnosed this year. That’s 55 Australians every single day. Since NBCF’s inception in 1994, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer has increased from 76% to 91%. It’s proof that their strategy of investing in world-class research is working. However 8 women still lose their lives from breast cancer each day – mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends.

Please donate to my page and you’ll be helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation step closer to their goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to GO PINK with me!

My Badges

KICKSTART - Donate towards your own goal!

LOOKING GOOD - Upload a profile picture!

BULLS-EYE - Raise 100% of your goal!

HALFWAY THERE - Raise 50% of your goal!

BROADCASTER - Share your fundraising page!

1k WONDER - Raise $1,000 for DNA discoveries!

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Selin Marsland

Love you mama


Kerrie Marsland

This donation is from Paula McNamara Judy Malafant and stef bektasovska


Eleanor Hayman

A courageous thing to do for a very important cause. Good on you Kez!


Melissa Heinrich

Go you good thing!


Evan Clark


Brenden Marsland


Melinda Petkovski

great job kerrie!!!


Beth Dally

I’m so proud of you Kerrie what a great effort ❤️


Kerrie Marsland


Zoe Marsland


The Irvine’s

Proud of you Kez x


Olivia Carvalho


Sue Hutchby

Well done sweetie 👏👏👏💞💞💞


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Lorraine Marsland

Good on you Kez. Proud of you ❤️


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Nicole Hubbard

Your a beautiful human Kerrie


Ciara Bartlett

Your damn amazing my Cuzzy bro


Kerrie’s Husband


Maria Howarth

You are my hero Kerrie ❤️


Miracle Scentd


Donna Macpherson

Wishing you all the best Kerrie.




Bryce Robertson

Love ya Kerrie!


Ana Ziegelaar


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Jedd Weston

You go girl, proud as punch of you doing this for an awesome cause xxx


Harry The Seci

For feeding me on my breaks. Even though I'd ask for half price you still fed me a nice meal. Thank you


Adriana Girotto

You are amazing Kez. You are legitimately one of the most selfless and generous people I've ever met. And you will rock a shaved head so well! Xxx


Danny Rossi

Make sure that sand is fresh every day


Janine Gordon


Margaret Dayhew

Hi Kerrie, sorry but we cannot make it to the event, but I have sent a donation for you, all the best for the day, you are a braver woman than me, hope you reach your goal.


Leanne Apps

So proud of you Kez


Allison Green

Good luck Kerrie! Well done for doing the shave!! x




Stef Ryan

Kezza you absolute legend! Proud of you. Xx