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Kellie Eddy

Local support

I have been hassling several local businesses over the past weeks to see if they would like to jump on board and support this great cause. 

So far we have: 
Spirit Bar & Lounge Tinamba Hotel, Embrace Fitness & Wellbeing, Anytime Fitness, Little Prince, Neilsons Kitchen, Sky Fitness Traralgon, Latrobe First National, Traralgon Creek Cottage B&B, The Glen Pub, Buttercream baby, Playtime Traralgon, Hunter & Gatherer, BFIT, Heirloom, Buns & Guns fitness,
A world of beauty, Zambrero, Traralgon Relaxation & Recovery, Cobaarz Eco Salon, Get boxed & Angie’s cupcakes

HOW AMAZING are people! Thanks so much everyone xo 

Teaming up with Spirit Bar Traralgon

The wonderful team at Spirit Bar in Traralgon has decided to come on board this year and help me raise some much needed funds for my charity of choice. 

We will be hosting a GO PINK day on Sunday the 24th of June. 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Brett Pund

Good luck with the rest of the fundraising


Donna Faulkner

Congrats Kellie - a great initiative - delighted to be part of this amazing community who stood by me at s time when l needed it most - paying it forward


Jenna Middleton

Well done beautiful Kel! Such a fantastic cause - so very pruod of you xx


Van Rooys

3 tickets please Kel, and good on you.


Amy, Lauren, Michelle, Jess & Alesha

Hi Kellie can i please have 5 tickets :) I can pick them up from you or they can be dropped off at KW


Leanne Emond

4 tickets please


First National Real Estate Latrobe

Great cause and best wishes for an successful night! Best Wishes from the First National Latrobe Team


Beth Kent

4 tickets please Kellie! So happy to be a part of this event 💕💕


K Eddy

Tickets for event.


Karen Fox

Love your work Kellie😊


Kate Smith

Awesome effort Kel 💕 3 tickets please (to Sam Watson)




Rebecca Bartley

3 tix please xx


Val Eddy

You are an absolute champion Kel. What a magnificent effort. You put so much into all you do. Enjoy the day. Love you. Val xxx



Sensational cause!! 2 x tickets


Sarah Holmes

Great work on this amazing event ..well done Kel xox


Jacqui Barnes

You're one special person, so very proud of you!!! x2 tickets please xxx


Phoebe Trinidad

Goodluck beautiful!


Anthony Mcmahon

Always willing to help a wonderful person and support such an important cause




Alice Black

Great cause Kellie


Sharon Mcmillan

2 x tickets please


Bridie Little


Kassie Alford


Jo Hayes

2 tickets please


Kellie Makowski

Awesome cause 🙌💕🙌


Lauren And Michael Saulle



Rachel Mustoe

Great cause, well done Kel. 1 ticket please. ❤️


Bec Gall

For one ticket. Thank you so much


Jacqui Agustin

Ticket for Jacqui. Thank you! 💕


Nat Donald


Jess Mackie

One ticket to Sam Watson please


Claire Kent

1 ticket please (Beth already has it)!


Sam Watson

Great event Kel! 1 x ticket please.


Joanne Bedford

Looking forward to helping raise more on the day. 1 x ticket to Sam Watson 😀


Alison Pigdon

1 x ticket please give to Sam Watson. Great job Kel!


Bel Mcclements

Good luck for a great cause - ticket to Sam Watson pls


Danielle O’neill

Looking forward to your event! 1 x ticket to Sam Watson please


Emma Marino

Hi Kel, Awesome work organising this great event! Can’t wait! 😊 1 ticket for Sam Watson


Kellie Eddy