Kaye Longstaff

In Memory Of

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This special memorial tree was created by Jeremy in memory of Kaye Longstaff. With your help, we're committed to funding world-class research towards one uncompromising goal: Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

In Memory Of


I’ve created this page to celebrate and honour my mum - Kaye Longstaff, who survived breast cancer but passed away recently.

Hello friends and family,

We’ve created this page as my mum was always an avid supporter of breast cancer research, having survived breast cancer close to 20 years ago.

Unfortunately Kaye recently succumbed to numerous other medical conditions and passed away peacefully in her sleep on 25th January, 2023.

Her family have asked that instead of flowers for her memorial service, or as a showing of love and support for her family, that you donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to further their research efforts.


Njal, Jeremy, Bev and the rest of her loving family.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jeremy Longstaff


Toni Rocco