The Fuck Cancer Foundation

By Joshua Hockey

I'm now a Zero Hero

What's up good peopleeee

Over three years ago I came out very publically that I am bisexual, in true Josh Rivers form I wrote a giant piece and posted it to Facebook at 3am. The support was immense and it became a moment where I dumped 27 years of shame, guilt, and emotional suppression all at once. I naively thought coming out would be an instant fix to my wounds, and while it was a great step forward I still carried baggage around with me.

For 27 fucking years I crushed any ounce of feminity that was within me. I was completely sucked into 90's Australiana that boys didn't cry, we didn't talk about emotions, and that my favourite colour was red or blue. But my favourite colour wasn't red or blue, it was pink.

The last three years have been a process of accepting myself for who I am, and everytime I overcome some gender or sexual based hurdle I become more unstoppable.

I had been umming and ahhing wether to dye my hair pink after finally deciding to cut my locks off, and in the last week I kept seeing the National Breast Cancer Foundation calling for people to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness everywhere. So I thought why not, let's jump another emotional hurdle and raise some funds for a great cause.

So here's to shedding shit we don't need to carry around, and here's to helping find a cure for horrendous disease.

I'm seeking to raise $500 for the NBCF.
No donation is too small, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible, so hold onto those receipts.

Thanks in advanced ya bloody legends. Much love always,

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Thank you to my Supporters


Dave Wishart

You legend. I'm so proud of you.


Justine, Paul, Bonita, Willis & James.

Josh, I love your honesty and working to breakdown these stereotypes and the falsely needed suppression. Be true to you, stand tall, be proud and ocntinue to make a difference! You are an inspiration! Thank you, Justine, Paul, Bonita, Willis & James x


Joshua Hockey


Roslyne Sponheimer

Good community spirit, Josh xx


Tim Brooks

Fuck Cancer - love the cause


Kirsty Appleby


Bethanie ?

So proud.


Elise Mcmahon


Finn Healey

Good stuff bro



Go Josh!



Well done Josh 😊



Your legendary status keeps rising. I appreciate you




Jess Phoenix

✊ I love it!


Nathan Pickering

Cancer can fuck off!👌 great stuff mate




Alex Gibbons


Vanessa Corbell

Put your shoulders back, lift your chin and stand proud! You are an inspiration!