Janina Moaga-Vuicakau

Bridge to 2030 Sydney

For my mum

My experience of Breast Cancer before Christmas 2018 was one from a distance. I heard about it, I donated the odd coin or note on Pink Ribbon day, sometimes checked my breasts every month for any abnormalities and often saw women and their friends shave their head in honour of someone with the cancer. It was far from me until the 20th of December 2018, when my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. 

My Mum is the strongest woman I know, and everyone who knows her, would say the same. But even the strongest womens worlds are turned upside down at the news of having such a thing as Breast Cancer. Over the past month, my Mum has had the cancerous lump removed, along with lymphnodes around her right arm. In two days, she will begin Chemotherapy. Her sessions will be on a fornightly basis and will take 2-4 hours each day. Between those surgeries, she's had multiple tests, information sessions and check-ups in preperation for her Chemotherapy journey. All this and she's planned her own 'hair-cutting ceremony' tomorrow, where each family member will cut a section of her hair, and finally shaved bald by my Dad.

My Mum's strength is unwavering and I admire the way she has faced the past two months with genuine positivity. When I saw the National Breast Cancer Foundations 'Bridge 2030' I knew it was the perfect way for my family and I to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research and the National Breast Cancer Foundation as she is the first in my family to ever have cancer. My Mum has had the Habour Bridge Climb on her bucketlist for years and I feel this event will be a great challenge for her and for us. My Mum will be in the middle of her Chemotherapy on the scheduled day for the bridge climb, so it will be a physical challenge but a great achievement for her. For us, her family, it will challenge us to be more conscious and be more mindful of our health, conduct regular checks and raise more awareness amongst our community, family and friends! If we successfully fundraise $1000 or more each, we'll be able to tick off the Harbour Bridge Climb from my mums bucketlist whilst climbing it with her, cheering her on and contributing to further research on Breast Cancer and its cure!