Erin Bleeker

I'm now a Zero Hero

On average, in Australia, 57 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer every single day. In October 2014, my Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer, she was a healthy and active women who had no previous family history. Through the countless of doctor's appointments, surgeries, procedures and treatments, we discovered the strength that my Mum had. Sadly, on the 26th of February 2020, after 6 years of fighting the illness, my Mum passed away. 

On the 13th of May I will be cutting and donating 30cm of my hair. All the money raised will be donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). It is a community-funded organisation raising money for research into the prevention and cure of Breast Cancer.

I would really appreciate if anyone wanted to donate and help me reach my goal. 

Thank you so much for your support!

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Love You Erin. XXXX


Sylvia Martin

You are just as amazing as your mum. She would be so proud. 💕💕


Mairead And Brian Carson

Erin, so proud of you , my daughter, you’re lovely . Mum , all so very proud of you.


Darren And Jade Hawkins

Your mum would be so proud of you Erin. The legacy that you have continued is something you should be proud of.


Richard Lynn

Best of luck with Campsign


Emma Forrester

So so proud of you 🤍


Jodie Scott

You are such a strength to your father and sisters …. Keep up the good work for all of us ♥️


Sean Bleeker


Kellie Hajek


Marion Mcgreal

Your a beautiful person xx


Bec Beauchamp

A wonderful tribute to your beautiful mum, she would be super proud.


Lu Talbot

You’re an impressive young lady Erin 💕


Forrester Family


Ruth And Daire Lynn

You are amazing Erin! We are so so proud of you xxxx


Claire Davis

you are one hell of a human being! very proud to call you my bestie. you’re amazing!!! so much love 🫶🏼🫶🏼


Lily Bau

so proud of you!! 🤍



So so proud of you lovey ❤️


Ky Lester



Nerida Woldseth

Mum would be so proud as am I. I remember taking you to our first Fundraiser and still going strong. Love you and so proud❤️


Kay Hurst

So proud of you. X


Bev Laplanche

Beautiful, selfless and kind, just like your Mum.


Fiona Van Dalen

Your strength, kindness and determination to make a difference is a priceless legacy from your mum! Love ❤️


Ann Woodhouse

You’re mum would be so proud of you x


Gabrielle Ofria

So proud Ezzy! You’re smashing ittttt 💪🤗❤️




Clare Dilley

Love you Ez!!! So proud of you 💗


Elizabeth A

So proud of you Erin 🤍


Annmarie Rice

Erin you are just an amazing young woman what a lovely thing to do. Love your new hair style xx


Danielle Cox & Family

Brilliant job Erin!!


Ed O’connor

Go Erin!!! So so proud 💪🏼


Pauline & Kaitlin Biggs

Best of luck, such an amazing thing to do


Aidan Frederiksen


Jordan Mcgreal

Doing such an amazing thing, always so inspiring xx


Julie Bleeker

So proud of you always helping cancer research. 💕


Jasmin Lubbers

Outstanding Achievement, Erin! Can't wait to see your new hairstyle! :)


Mary Lafferty

Your mum is watching over you and very very proud of you darling x x 💜


Jesse Dixon

Bless you Erin!!!


Donna Crossan

Your mum was a beautiful person who would be so proud of you Erin 💘💘💘


Monique Beauchamp

So proud! Can't wait to see it xx


Maryanne Leigh



Bella Caroca


Sinead O Donovan

Well done Erin, your mum would be so proud of you. ❤️❤️


Sinead Gordon

Well done Erin. A fantastic thing to do. Xx


Julie Davis

Your mum would be so proud of the beautiful young lady you have grown into xxx


Verity Mardling

You are an amazing young woman


Kellee Kovacs

You’re amazing!! 💖


Elaine Thompson

Love and thoughts Erin to you and all those who work to prevent and cure breast cancer. xx


Paris S

Love you lots 💞


Brittannie Northey

Beautiful locks that will be so cherished by someone else, what an impact that will have on them. ♥️ Very proud of you.


Julie Burton

Well done Erin. Such a great cause in memory of your beautiful Mum xx


Therese Tinker

So proud of you Erin xx


Alan Mckenzie



So proud of you x



She would be so proud <3



So proud of you gorgeous - can’t wait to see your new do xx


Emma Schlenker


Mollie Thompson

You have a heart of gold Ez! Love you x



Absolute legend, Erin Power 💪💪💪


Amber Laplanche


Ebony Tremain

Your are so amazing Erin! So proud x


Jess Sertori


Lily Felice


Shania Biber


Darcy Mckeown

Ur such an inspiration Erin so proud of you ❤️


Annette Reilly

Well done Erin


Leticia Velez

Erin, you are such a strong soul with the most beautiful heart I love you to bits, you mean so much to me and doing this is so brave. I’m sure your mum is looking down on you so proud of the beautiful young woman you are. Love u Ez


Claire Gale

Amazing initiative xx


Olivia Sertori

Good on you Erin ❤️❤️


Sam Lynch

So so proud of you Ez. You’re amazing 🫶


Indi Leigh

youre a trooper little one, love you


Sophie Hunt

So proud of you Ez xx


Scarlett Novacek

So proud of you Ez, you are doing such an amazing thing 💚


Elena Mbeya



Alana Forrester

So incredibly proud of you Ez xx


Kayleigh Loo

Super proud of you my love❤️


Bethany Schembri



You are the best human I know! Lots of love xx