Daisy McMillan

I'm now a Zero Hero

Hey there folks! I’ve decided to shave my beautiful locks off! “But why?”, you may ask. Well I’m glad you did! I will be donating all the raised funds to the national breast cancer foundation! The idea of a world where no one dies from breast cancer is amazing, and I truely believe that with more research a world like that can exist! The NBCF has already done some awesome work and they’re well on their way to reaching their goal, of zero deaths from breast cancer, in 2030! I’ve had many loved ones affected by breast cancer and I can imagine a lot of you guys would’ve too, honestly it’s such a great cause and I’m excited to give what I can to help research.

So hey if you wouldn’t mind giving me a few dollars to support me and those in need, I would appreciate it beyond words! 

Click 'Donate' to make a secure online donation and help me reach my goal. Every donation, big or small, will help me get there. Please donate today.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will be issued with a tax-deductible receipt via email as soon as you make your donation.

Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Maddie ?

love u xx


Nic Radoll





Maddy Leane

You’re incredible!



Proud of you!!


Lara Griffin

Breast cancer has been a big part of my family, and I love you so much for being so selfless, kind and considerate. You are beautiful in and out And all around amazing <3



Very proud of you. X


Lisa Nairn

Amazing work Daisy!



Good stuff Dayz! 👍


Paul Holman

You rock Daisy! Much love. Paul, Rachel & Harrison



Well done Daisy. Very proud of you


Rachel L

So proud of you xx



So proud of you Daisy!! You’re amazing Xxx


Abbey Jordanov

So proud of you Daiz 🕷❤️


Zoe P

Amazing Daisy!!




Georgia Fairbairn

Proud of you dais xx


Kaysanne Hockey