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Culture Club Breast Cancer Fundraiser

For the month of October (known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month), the Culture Club is focussing on Breast Cancer Awareness. The intent of breast cancer awareness is to educate, empower, raise money, and encourage individuals and communities to GET CHECKED. We are promoting early detection, prevention, and support for those affected by breast cancer, ultimately striving for a world free of this devastating disease.

Everyone is at risk of breast cancer, please ensure to get checked regularly!

The Culture Club will kick off the donations with a $100.00 donation. We are aiming to raise $500 for breast cancer in the month of October.

As part of the initiative, we ask that you jump on and if you can, make a donation for this cause.

And if anyone wants to see Denise or Kylie – the blondes to turn their hair pink, those donations better reach $600.00 

My Pink Ribbon Breakfast starts in :

Event Information:

Tuesday 31 Oct 2023

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ssh Group

Congratulations to the SSH Group Culture Club on hitting your donation target for this worthy cause.


Anna Lane


Ssh Group - Culture Club


Peter Torre

Great cause, looking forward to what the Group can donate and contribute to this initiative.


Toby Emsden

Have a great pink ribbon day


Damian Carter


Fiona Dawson


Michelle Woods




Adrian Hughes


Sarah Mulcahy


Denise Allia


Kylie Prout


Ssh Group

Let's kick cancers butt


Jim And Andrea Skelton

Awesome cause to support.


Ssh Group

Great cause CC.


Floor Van Den Akker


Megan Oswald