Second round of chemo


My sister had her second round of chemo last Friday, 17th May. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there but her husband and my mum were there to support her. A picture has been provided on my page so check it out. Unfortunately the pictures I have are too small to be uploaded with the blog so check my main page out.

I talked with my sister after she had the chemo and she was still high spirited and I know deep down she's trying to be brave because that's how she is. 

She said she feels ok but the second round of chemo is supposed to be worse than the first. I know that she has been losing more hair so she also provided me a photo of all her hair loss. 

We all tell her she still looks good without hair! I wouldn't be able to pull the no hair look but she can! Go sis!


Visit with the Jane McGrath Nurse

Hi everyone,

My sister and I visited the Jane McGrath Nurse based at the Community Centre in Gladstone. Sally was very helpful and explained the stages of breast cancer and what we can do to prepare for it. She provided my sister a couple of brochures she could read about breast cancer and nutrition while being on chemo. 

Sally went through everything with us and provided two cancer groups my sister could join if she wishes. I cannot thank Sally enough to be so supportive and my sister for being at ease with her. Sally told us we could contact her at any time with any questions. 

I know my sister is thinking positive and we can all learn from her bravery. I know sometimes without her knowing I have a little cry but we all go through that sometimes, as Sally said.

My sister is determined to get through this and we are all there for her. 

The last thing that Sally gave my sister is a wig and I even chose the one that I thought was her original colour and hairstyle. The picture is below if you wish to see what she looks like.

We will keep on going on!

My sister's hair

My sister loves her hair. She told me the other day that she had gone to the hairdresses and got her hair done only to find out a month later she will lose it once she has her chemotherapy. 

Support us to beat Breast cancer

My big sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer in early April 2019. 

We've joined the team because breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. It’s a disease we cannot ignore. But together, we can change the outcomes.

While “Going Pink” this June, We're raising money for life-changing research. Please donate to our page, you’ll be helping us step closer to our ultimate goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to GO PINK with us!

Love Beth and Tess 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Molly Yang

Go, go, go!!


Tess Fouracre


Michael & Kim Cook

Fantastic initiative Tess & we wish all the very best for your sister - close to home as my Mum finds out this week to confirm her BC procedures after some recent bad news in tests 😪👍😉❣️


Cairns Student Centre

Sending all our love and strength


Lee Gallegos

Tess, thinking of you and your sister Beth xx


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Great cause Tess! xx


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Love to you and all the family xx


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Good luck Tess, this is a great cause!


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Sending all our love to your sister and family Tess ❤️ I hope your fundraiser is a success x


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Wishing Beth the best of luck with her treatment


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Good on you Tess!