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Amanda Bennett

About me.

On the 27th of July 2017 I found a lump in my breast. I ignored it for a couple of days. Exactly one week to the day from when I found the lump I saw my GP.  I was sent off to have a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy one week later. Tests came back as cancer 6 days later. My official diagnosis was triple negative grade 3 invasive carcinoma. From there had I scans, bloods and lastly surgery one week later. The cancer did not spread to my organs, bones or lymph nodes luckily. I did 8 rounds of chemotherapy under the care of Breast Cancer Research Centre of WA at Hollywood Hospital. My hair started falling out 2 weeks after my first round. I covered my hairloss with many wigs. Some wigs were passed to me from a local family after the loss of their Mother in May 2016. I donated the spares to a cancer wig library. Over the span of 4 months of chemo I racked up 10 wigs! I finished chemo on 18 January 2018 and my hair is coming back nice and fast and maybe even thicker than before (even if it is grey lol).

Work were great - both management and collegues. I was allowed to take whatever time off I needed without being made to feel like a burden. Fortunately I responded well to chemo and missed very little time during treatment. 

to be continued...



Overwhelmed :-)

To say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement. I still can't believe the generousity of all you. As I said in an earlier post I was aiming for $500 as I didn't realise just how much support I had out there. To be at nearly $2000 is amazing. 

Thanks to my family, friends, workmates and Kevin's workmates also. 

Please don't feel pressured to donate. And please don't feel pressured to donate right away (for those that are considering it). There is still plently of time left to make your donation. 

For those that don't have a credit card to make payment you can use cash (if you are happy to hand it over to me or Kevin) and as long as you supply an email address you will be sent a receipt for tax purposes.

Thanks again xo 


Thank you all

Just a quick note to thank everyone who has donated so far. I never imagined we would do so well with donations.

As we have almost met my new target of $1000 lets push it up to $2000? No rush though - we still have more than a month left - so please don't feel pressured to donate if you can't afford it just yet.

And don't forget anything over $2 is tax deductable and we are close to tax time so you will get your money back in a couple of months xo

My great oncologist

Professor Arlene Chan

MB BS, FRACP, MMed (Palliative Care)

In June 2016, Professor Arlene Chan was awarded winner of the "Professions Division" of the "Western Australian of the Year Awards". This prestigious award recognises her expertise in her field of breast cancer.
Professor Chan graduated from the medical school of University of Melbourne, Australia. She obtained her Fellowship in Medical Oncology from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and a Masters of Medicine in Palliative Care from the University of Melbourne in 1993.

My wonderful Surgeon from BCRC-WA

Here's a little write up about my surgeon.


Peter Willsher


Dr Peter Willsher is a Surgeon specialising in the management of breast diseases. He graduated from the University of Melbourne medical school and completed surgical training in Melbourne. Subsequent to that he worked in the Nottingham City Hospital Breast Centre as a Clinical and Research Fellow. During that time he completed a Doctorate of Medicine; undertaking a research project and thesis on biological changes in breast cancer. Following this, Peter worked in the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, completing a Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery.

In 2000 he received an award from the American College of Surgeons as the International Guest Scholar. Peter is on the Executive Council of The Breast Surgeons Society of Australia and New Zealand. He is an accredited site visitor for quality assurance with Breastscreen Australia. He has published approximately 100 Abstracts and Papers, including two book chapters. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons. He is Chair of Breast Cancer Research Centre-WA and his practice is at Hollywood Private Hospital.

First Post 01 May 2018

As most of you are aware I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2017. After surgery and chemo I am happy to say everything appears to be going well. I've decided I would like to try to give back so have pledged to raise at least $500 for National Breast Cancer Foundation. 


Please donate if you can.

Australia, get ready, I’m going pink.

From 18 – 24 June, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is challenging the men and women of Australia to GO PINK in support of the thousands of mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, daughters and sons that have been – or will be – affected by breast cancer. 

I’ve joined the team because breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. It’s a disease we cannot ignore. But together, we can change the outcomes.

While “Going Pink” this June, I’m raising money for life-changing research. Please donate to my page, you’ll be helping us step closer to our ultimate goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to GO PINK with me! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Emma Chapman (aka Leweczko)

Thinking of you and there for you at anytime. Love you lots xo


Kier Tenardi

Happy to support you Amanda. xxx


Sandra Lewry

Happy to support you Amanda






Brendon Hunter


April Brown

You are an inspiration Amanda, the positive way you handled your cancer. I'm so pleased you are now cancer free xx


Lee Purser

Hi sister Your killing it girl...good luck😊


Merrilyn Hecker

Love u Mandy Moo💜


Fag A Tron

I love my boyfriend!!!


Kristie & Cornelius Collins

You are a champion girlfriend xx


Jane Burch

Lots of love Shmanda xxxx


Sheila Clifford

Kindest regards


Chris & Nat Rowe


Joshua Green


Lyn Turton

Happy to support you Amanda ❤


Renee Houston

You are an inspiration Amanda xx


Kate Heap

Pretty damn glad you going all good ya wee weirdo :)


Jason & Tracey Scott


Beth Butler

You are AWESOME xxx


Amanda Bennett


Jenny Taylor

Happy to donate, its a great cause and you are wonderful...


Tina Shephard

More then happy to help you, Sis Best wishes from Us both xXx


Sue Taylor



Happy to donate


Don Puren

Hey Mandy, A worthy cause and great to see that you're doing well. Hope the donations come in. Lots of love. Don


Rosemarie Barcia


Rach And Glenn Hunter

Onya shamoist we are behind ya luv ya xo


Brad Gilchrist

Hi Amanda, good luck with your fund raising.


Lillian & Grant Gabelish

Good on you Amanda, a very worthy cause to contribute to. Hugs from us both Grant & Lillian xo


Isi Cameron

Your are one very strong lady. Wishing you health and happiness. xxx


Chelsea Robinson

Good luck Amanda!


Chris Calverley

Your an inspiration moo!!


Hannah Walker

Awesome fundraising, Amanda!


Fiona Collins

Amanda, you and other women like you are amazing! I'm happy to give to this!


Carrie Crane

Good stuff Amanda - Go you :) xx


Alana & Bear

Very proud of you, Amanda. An inspirational woman!


Jillian Shepherd

All the best Amanda and well done!!


James {jim} Moffatt

good luck luv, hope you get to your target and more.


Chelsea Rawlings



Hope you reach your goal!


Kay Scurrah

All the best Amanda, a great cause.


Sara And Hannah Glassby

Hugs and kisses


Le Duce

Onya Betty!


Mary Billings


Kelly Butler



Ursula Kramer


Rachael Hall

Well done x



Hi Amanda, Donation for you. Not a lot, but they say every little bit helps. Penny


Kaylene & Chris Thomas

You’re an amazing person Amanda


Chelsea Rawlings

Thought i would chuck another $7.37 in and now you have $2000!!! xx


Nina Marks