Alexa & Marilena

We've made a pledge to GO PINK!

This June, we have made a pledge to, WEAR IT, SHAVE IT or COLOUR IT, to raise funds for breast cancer research to help the NBCF towards their vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer. 

In memory of our cherished Mamma, Sophia, who was taken from us far too soon by  breast cancer, we stand united in our resolve to fight against this dreadful disease. We despise the very mention of the word "cancer" for the pain and suffering it brought upon our beloved family. Witnessing firsthand the devastating effects it had. 

We pledge to advance research: Fueling the quest for scientific breakthroughs that will unravel the complexities of breast cancer, ushering in new treatments, and indicating a future where lives are no longer cut short by its cruel grasp.

We pledge to honour our Mamma's legacy: Cherishing her memory as a beacon of strength and resilience, and dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of a world where no one else suffers the anguish of losing a loved one to this relentless disease. 

With each donation, each fundraiser, and each act of kindness, we declare our commitment to this cause. Together, we can turn our grief into hope, our pain into purpose, and our loss into a legacy of love and compassion.

In honour of our Mamma and all the lives touched by breast cancer, we pledge to never stop the fight until the day when breast cancer is nothing but a distant memory. Join us in this pledge, and together, let us make a difference that will be made for generations to come.

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Gerry Raftopoulos

What an amazing effort. A big loss in our lives. I’m so proud of you as she would be too


Jordy Pretorius


Spiro, Natalie, Marina, Dino Raftopoulos

So proud of you both. Love you lots.


Thea Natalie, Theo Spiro, Marina And Dino

Love you both very much. Your mama would be so proud.


Marianna Phitidis

A worthy cause


Mary Raftopoulos

Bravo my girlies. A good cause. Please God a cure is found soon,for this terrible disease.


Wayne And Jenni Leverington

Lots of love to you both



Forever in our hearts


Michelle Heath



Chloe Davidson

So proud of you girls! Sending all my love 🥰❤️




Mimika , Pantelis, Andriko, Dimitri

Good cause.. Hoping one day a cure is found.


Soula Vogas

Well done girls!


Kathy Lanitis

From afar I wish you best of luck for endeavour.You both are a credit to your amazing mama.


Jo, George, Stelio And Katiana

You girls are amazing, just like your Mom! Love you both.


Madison Topini Topini

She’s always with you girls! lots of love 💜🌻


Maria Topini

Bless you both beautiful girls 💕💕💕


Kostoula Bellies

In memory of our dear Sophia always in our hearts 💗


N. X.

Sending love 🥰


Eirini Christopoulos

Well done girls ! Make your mama proud👏🏼





Alysia Demaio

Go Girls xx


Jordan Topini

Proud of you girls! 🥰


Kyle Todd


Briana Demaio



Michael Figliomeni


Gabby Toth

The most amazing girls, I’m sure your mum is watching over you and so proud!🩷🩷🩷


Lara Sterica

So proud of you Leni ❤️


Ella Gathercole


Matt Redknap