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We have made a pledge to GO PINK!

Hi we are THE PINK PETS! (Helen) Grandma Pet, Larry Pet and Aleesha Pet. We have made a pledge to GO PINK! this June by Baking Pink for one of the most amazing, courageous strong women, Kim Tanner. 

Kim has been a family friend for over 25 years. Kim is married to Mick and has 3 beautiful girls. We have put together a little snippet of Kim’s journey after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

In October 2019 Kim found a large sore and hard lump in her right breast. She had a mammogram and ultra sound and was told the lump didn’t meet the criteria for cancerous or suspicious lump. 

In late December 2019 she had a very minor and clumsy fall, while camping on the Murray. When she fell she heard an enormous crack and instantly thought she had broken her neck but was able to move ok although she had excruciating pain. An ultrasound showed no break so she went on with normal life with the assistance of pain and anti inflammatory meds and Physio. 

It wasn’t until the beginning of March that she started to get numbness in her left hand, finger tips and a strange sensation of a cold forearm. As a consequence an MRI located an “explosive fracture” of the C4 vertebrae. She had been “walking around” with a broken neck for 3 months. 

At the end of March she had a 9hr operation which replaced her C4 vertebrae and the discs above and below with a titanium cage held together by rods, plates and screws. A week later her neurosurgeon delivered the devastating and life changing diagnosis of Metastatic Hormone Positive Breast Cancer. Her C4 vertebrae had shattered so easily because it had been riddled with cancer which had spread from the “not suspicious” tumour in her right breast. 

She has just “celebrated” the 3 year anniversary of the diagnosis that has changed every facet of her life. 

If there’s one piece of advice Kim would like to give EVERY woman over 40 it would be to have a mammogram and/or ultrasound on your breast every 2 years. The only thing that would have saved her from her diagnosis was if she had have done this. It would have shown changes in her lumpy breasts. Otherwise, she had no obvious symptoms. 

Every donation, big or small, will get us closer to reaching our goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation end deaths from breast cancer.

My Badges

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My Updates

Our final stall

Monday 26th Jun
On Saturday we had our final stall for 2023. What an amazing day we had, so many people came down in the cold to support us and we had our second biggest day. After tripling our baked goods and snags we raised $1777.34. 
We are going to miss our fortnightly bakes  and catch-ups with our supporters but, plans are already underway for next year.
A huge thanks goes out to everyone who supported us and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2024 ??

Look who popped in for a visit ?

Tuesday 13th Jun
We had a fantastic day on Saturday raising another fantastic amount. 
We are doing this fundraising for one of the most amazing humans and friend ever, Kimmy Tanner who was diagnosed with breast cancer back in March 2020. On Saturday Kimmy came to Albury to support us at our third stall/ sausage sizzle and the day was a huge success.
We have our fourth and final stall on the 24th June at the east Albury IGA.

WOW What an amazing Saturday

Saturday 27th May
What a fantastic day we had today. Thank you to the East Albury IGA for allowing us to hold our sausage sizzle and cake stall fundraiser, raising $2003.84. A shout out to the Pink Pets and our adopted Pink Pets who have helped us to achieve this goal! ?

Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall

Sunday 7th May
We held our first big fundraiser Sausage Sizzle/Cake Stall yesterday at Harris Farm Markets in Albury. Even with the rain falling and the temperature at single digits we had a fantastic day. With my son Cam and Hubby Steve on the bbq and my Pink Pet Daughter Larissa and bestie Eiles manning the cake stall and raffle sales things went smoothly. 
I’d like to thank my Pink Pet daught in-law Aleesha who organised the sausages, bread and onions,  sadly she had to work but she did pop out to lend her support.
The exciting part about yesterday is that we raised just over $800. We still have some money to come in before we can give a final amount.
A huge thank you goes out to everyone who supported our day and we look forward to seeing you at our next day, 27th May.

Let the BAKING begin

Wednesday 19th Apr
We have received our Pink Pet aprons, pink cake/slice boxes, thank you stickers and have made most of our ribbons. We should receive our raffle tickets next week. We have our first fundraising event planned for May 6th. We are having a bake stall, sausage sizzle and a raffle.
Will definitely upload pics from our fundraising day ?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Pink Pets

Fundraiser sausage sizzle cake stall


Pink Pets

Funds from our final Stall for 2023


Helen Schausinger

Funds from our sausage sizzle/cake stall & Raffle 6/5



The Pets cake stall Saturday 10/6


Aleesha Schausinger

Sales from cakes


Aleesha Schausinger

Good job 👍🏼 👍🏼


Aleesha Schausinger


Larissa Schausinger

Extra donation from Saturday 10/6


Camden Pac Cake Sales And Donations

Thanks to our family in blue for your generous support


Team Rochester

Thank you for supporting our Bubba


Helen Schausinger

To my 2 Baking Pink Pets I have kick started our fundraising 2023 Baking Pink for Kim 💕💕