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I'm Stepping Up To Breast Cancer


This August, I have joined the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to Step Up to Breast Cancer. I have stepped up to the challenge of completing 10,000 steps every day throughout the month to raise money for vital breast cancer research.

This year over 3,100 Australians will lose their life to breast cancer. That is why I have stepped up to the challenge to help fund the future of research and change these stats. But I need your help.

Every donation, big or small, will get me closer to reaching my goal and helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation end deaths from breast cancer.

OUR STORY- my beautiful sister, and my best friend, Dora was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, called Triple Negative Breast Cancer in July 2021. She was 40 years old at the time of diagnosis. With no history of breast cancer in the family at all, and no previous health issues, this came as a big shock for all of us. 3 weeks after her diagnosis she began treatment which consisted of 5 months of intensive chemotherapy, then surgery, and then radiotherapy- 8 months of treatment all up. This was very challenging in itself however with 2 young kids under 6 and the added stresses of a hard Melbourne lockdown and restrictions in hospitals, this meant Dora had to attend all her appointments and treatments alone. 

Thankfully treatment was successful and she was in the clear! Thanks so the research into treatments, the treatment for triple negative has come a long way. We are so grateful for the treatment offered to Dora, and it’s because of this I am determined to raise as much as I can to help the big cause of reaching NO DEATHS by 2030! 

Please help me make a change, anything big or small means the world to me. 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Tkc- Team Kill Cancer Inc


Clinic Cookie Sales Second Batch


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John & Ritsa Bekris & Family ?

Beautiful Eleni & Dora 🌸 supporting you both every step of the way..all our love 💕 John Ritsa William Stella & Alexander xxx


Clinic Nbcf Merchandise Sales


Vicki Lekanis

Go get ‘Em Girl, love you x


Mum And Dad

Thank you koukla for dedicating most of your time to always be there for your beautiful sister & support her in difficult times. Love you girls💕💕


Effie And Arthur Athanasiou

Best of luck, Eleni and all the very best. Love Effie and Arthur xx


Jessica Gauci

You are amazing Eleni for doing this. Dora is an absolute hero to me and couldn't love her more.


Athanasia & Vasilis Bekris

Sending all our love 💕


Rhiannon Bousounis


Azra Ljubijankic

All the best to you Eleni, what an amazing gesture for your sis. We have so much love for Dora!! X


Cathy Tsiamis


Jen Filippou

Amazing effort for raising this much so far!!! Hopefully you raise above your target!!! Well done to you and thankful that Dora is in the clear!!! Love from Jen, Tas, Sienna, Sizzle and baby Pou


Dora Peppas

Thanks sis… love you 💖


Vicky Ziakas

Well done Eleni! Proud of you.


Dillon Family

You are an amazing woman and sister! Good luck ❤️


Zoe George

We love you Dora!!


Angelique Christopoulos


Despina Merambeliotis

I’m so proud of you for committing to such a great initiative! Reading about Dora’s journey made me tear up too. She’s such a fighter and you’re an incredible support as always x


Susana Desousa

You are amazing Eleni xo


Caroline Woodhouse

Best of luck Eleni 😊


Dillon Family

Keep up the good work


Victoria Athanasiou


April Au

Good luck and stay strong


Clemence Ganjvar


Christina De Melis

Dora & Eleni, you are both champions ❤️❤️


Marie Hlahlas - Litsas

That’s amazing Eleni. All the best to your family and especially to Dora!! Xx


Koula Stamatovski

Amazing Eleni! And to your beautiful sister Dora- you beat cancers butt 💪! ♥️


Demet Yalaz

Keep up the great work 👍🏼


Olga Katseris

So proud of you


Vamvakas Family

Well done


Anna Bousounis

All the very best in reaching $5K Eleni. Indeed a wonderful cause. Good luck! Here’s to you and your beautiful sister.


Silva T

Well done Eleni, and all the best for a fantastic cause!


Carl Kloprogge

Thanks Eleni


Mel & Ergin Hassan

Well done Eleni 🙂


Linda Tsakoumangos

Wonderful to hear Dora has been told the best news ever


Victoria Ziakas

Good luck mummy, I love you and I hope you reach your goal!


Cherrill Philp



Hope you reach your goal 🤞🏻


Elle Athanasiou


Anna Vassadis

Happy walking Eleni and Victoria, such a fantastic effort to help such an important cause. SO very happy your sister/aunty is in the clear xo




Angie Leon

What an amazing effort - best wishes to your sister !


The Batrouney’s

Great work Eleni!!!! Smashed your target and goal! Amazing effort!


Mel & Anna Drakos


Kirrilly Wilson

Well done luv xx


Sara Curmi

Go girls 👏 💪 💖


Elizabeth Warnes


Jane Pang


Alyse Cherry

Best wishes and positive healing vibes to you, your sister and your beautiful family always xoxo








Adele Larive

Keep going. You're doing great!!


Karen Jones

Thanks to my wonderful neighbor Eleni and Dora, good luck ,good health, one for all the girls x


Shaynee Cannington

Sending love & strength to you & the family ❤️


Timms Family

Good on you Eleni, so much love to you & your sister for her continued health & recovery!






Maree Diciero

What a great cause Eleni!


Jane Masters


Ritsa Ath


Samone Robertson

Great job Eleni 👍🏼


Danni Novy

Well done gorgeous ❤️


Natasha Davy

Healing energy and strength to you and your family supporting your sister through this. Keep up the great work raising awareness. Natasha, Grace & Eloise


Gill Daniels

Eleni, I've been watching this for awhile now. Your Granny will be watching you and smiling down at you, so proud of your efforts xxx your sister must be also so proud xx


Mary Gashi