Diamond Property Developments

Supervising PINK!

Jordan looking very PINK today... great job in keeping Safety matters on the worksite and in the office with the Bisley Workwear top!! 

Factory Fun!

And i think they really like them!! 

Factory Fun!!

Not sure about the PINK Feathered Fans hey boys! 

Estimating PINK!!

Go Julie... rocking the Feather bowa!! 

Ladies of the Office

Having some fun in the office today with our EXTRA PINK get up!!

Bright & Early & PINK

Thanks to Steve for being bright & early this morning with his PINK vest on! Go Steve! 

Directive PINK!!

Thanks to Colin for being visible in the office today!! Go Colin!! 

Office Fun!

Thanks Steve for showing up in your best!! Thumbs Up! 

Tea Break Time

Thanks to Daniel & Glenn for being visible in the Factory today! Keep up the good work boys! 


Looking very PINK on the job site today!! Well done boys, Dressing to impress!! 


One of our team members Nathan showing the trades On site Safety with his Hi Vis PINK Vest!! Go Nathan!!

GOING PINK for a week!

Thank You to those that have already donated!! WOOHOO!! 

Jordan, Dan, Elise & Julie showing off the PINK Diamond Property Hi Vis Vest at the office today!! 

Australia, get ready, Diamond Property Developments are going pink.

Diamond Property Developments is going PINK for a great cause that effects our Mothers, Sisters, Partners/Wifes, Family, Friends & even Men. It not only effects the individual, but those that are the support system for the individuals that are effected. 

Everyone deserves a fighting chance and we are proud to support such a great cause to give that chance. 

From 3-9 June, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is challenging the men & women of Australia to GO PINK in support of the thousands of mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, daughters & sons that have been - or will be - affected by breast cancer. 

We've joined the team because breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. It’s a disease we cannot ignore. But together, we can change the outcomes.

While “Going Pink” this June, We're raising money for life-changing research. Please donate to our page, you’ll be helping us step closer to our ultimate goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to GO PINK with us! 

Thank you to our Sponsors


K & T Engineering


Mjw Electrical Services


John Douglas



Susan Belmore


Romandini Cabinets

Happy to GO PINK and support your fundraising efforts


C&m Painters And Decorators Pty Ltd


Wade Ward


Exact Heating And Cooling

Keep up the good work 👍


Carolyn Gregory


Helen Llewellyn


Noelene Jardine

Good work Chicken 🐥 xx


Dan Alford


Jenny Martin

Good on ya Lauren.


Julie O'connor

Ur a star T x


Nicole & Guy Sansom

On ya, Loz. 👏🏻 xx


Damien Wadsworth

Great effort Colin


Maddison Mccrohan

Amazing cause, you go girl x


Tracey Hall

Great Cause


Elise Belmore


All Things Technology


Megan Howarth

Great work Loz xx


Nicola Alford

Good work huni. Xx


Julie Stevenson


Tavia Jardine


Liz Vrancic

Well done


Shaun Belmore


Kathy Munro

Good work. Great cause x


Madison Hall

Go jords x


Elise Belmore





Well done! It’s not a lot but hopefully my donation helps a little 👍


Stacey Bogli


Bec Bluett

Good jobs Tavs! X


Jackson Hall


Razina Dowson

Well done my girl.



Love the pink hair Lauren! 💕 xx


Hayley Gilbert

Well done Lauren! 😘


Elise Belmore